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9/25 c2 11tjp
Excellent story! Very moving. Loved it!

9/24 c2 Guest
Great story. Like the emotions
9/24 c2 Guest
Great story. Like the emotions
9/24 c1 Guest
Good on to the next chapter for reasons
9/21 c2 Singerme
I love this. Short but just right
9/21 c1 Singerme
It very much like Matt to miss a Sociable but very unlike him to talk to Kitty that way. Something is most definitely up. Glad she's going to check on him.
9/19 c2 New in Town
Glad Kitty didn't go out and get hurt. Liked the way you wrote their thinking. Great story.
9/19 c1 New in Town
Like this but worried about Kitty and wondering whats the deal with Matt. On to the next chapter
9/19 c2 29RBGirl
I have always felt a little sorry for Matt for doing his job, even though I think he could have sent Festus or Newly sometimes, but you finally made him see the importance of those events. I think Kitty understands more about his "duty". Great insight and great story.
9/17 c2 MaryRoseEllen
That was a beautiful story. You certainly packed a lot of emotion in just two chapters, and showed such understanding of the characters and the interaction between them. Loved it - more please!
The story may be short but the ideas and sentiments are right on. What wonderful story so poignant and stirring. I like that each of them thought things out about how their words affected each other. Also they knew turning to each other would help the healing. Great job! I really enjoyed this interlude.
Certainly not the story start you would explain from your favorite couple. It is almost as if you someone had changed places with Matt. We seldom saw them dance so it couldn't be that she would force him to dance. One thing is for sure you know how to keep the reader to keep reading. Great start.
9/16 c2 Guest
You didn't go where I thought but I liked it. Good story. I wish it was longer.
9/16 c1 Guest
Like this a lot so far. Go Kitty take matters into your hands.
9/16 c2 4Zipitupcowboy
Kitty loves Matt, and Kitty loves Marshal Dillon. You did a super job of reminding us of that, and you did a super job of reminding Kitty of that. It was a beautiful story, and for my part, I wish it had been even more chapters!
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