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9/15 c1 20TracyLynn
Wow I thought I was going to have to wait for four or five stories to actually experience the birth so thank you so much for including that whole process in one story. Now I cannot wait for the stories that follow as they settle into their home and family life.
9/14 c1 1FranArian
Perfect. Bravo, Jack, for finding an old fashioned home in (future)Wales to settle down and raise a family...everything Ianto could have hoped for.
9/14 c1 I love Janto
The TARDIS missed two?
That is why Jack got the house in the first place. When the twins are older they might go back out.

Next time Jack will ask.
9/14 c1 20DarqueQueen7
This is so cute! If you were a Kitty, I'd squish you! D
9/14 c1 Patricia Taylor
Loved it as always

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