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for Nejire adopts an introvert and ends up in a harem

3/23 c5 HotDog Smoothie
the hornyness is outstanding
2/23 c5 JustReadingFanFi
Is this gonna continue, or is that the end? Cause...
I like it.
2/16 c4 1Dragonjek
I never know what to feel when someone who's stubbornly resisting seduction gives up.
There's relief that there's going to be progress, of course, but I'm also extremely hardheaded and spiteful, and feel betrayed by their surrender.
It's fine if they're okay with being chased from the beginning, or if they have a specific reason to avoid a relationship and it gets resolved, but having their resistance finally ground away?
2/15 c1 Noneofit
...Google says the Eugen Prinz was a Nazi warship launched in 1938, surrendered to the US in May 1945, and finally capsized in 1946 at Kwajalein Atoll after surviving the Able and Baker nuclear tests during Operation Crossroads.
1/29 c5 NatsuUzumaki161
This might be the greatest story of all time please do the next chapter soon
1/14 c5 Eren
this is excellent keep up the good work.
12/14/2020 c5 Perfection
Oppai gangbang style
Oppai gangbang style
11/14/2020 c5 draculyn28
I really love your stories, I hope to see more of this and your other stories, greetings.
11/8/2020 c5 5BlackGodofDarkness
It's amazing and quite funny.
11/2/2020 c5 1ReaderNicholas666
Will this have any more chapters? I really hope it does.
10/31/2020 c5 Biblio388
This is fun and flirty. I am still laughing about the rant.
10/31/2020 c1 Biblio388
I like it. Good choice with Prinz.
10/24/2020 c5 2te.nellis
10/21/2020 c5 V.T
Yes. You can take that Nobel Peace Prize for doing another chapter and another Prize after another chapter.
10/23/2020 c5 1TheGreatBubbaJ
One Nobel Pleasure Prize.
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