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for Gun Hill Road

9/16 c1 dorvell
Been wondering when you’d start this new story, and how fitting that you did so just after the 19th anniversary of 9/11; sadly fitting, I should say. Welcome back, and you’ll definitely have at least one follower.

Really want to see where this story goes as far as Liz, Bosco, Emily, Charlie, Rod (really hope he makes it through the Academy and joins the 55,) Betty…

All of them! Would love to see Calli develop as a police dog, too! I’m surprised they didn’t name her Calli Faith or Faith Calli.

I’m guessing the guy Bosco keeps seeing in his nightmares is Brian Jackson?
9/15 c1 Cynthia
hey there! I was so happy to see other Third Watch fans are still writing fics after the end of the show! I really enjoy regarding your stories and I can't wait for updates!
9/15 c1 FictionReader755
Great stuff! I’m so excited you decide to continue their story! Eager to see what happens next.

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