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for Don't Let The Bedbugs Bite

2h c7 Lasciella
Really loving this story. you're doing a great job of the characters. Thanks for posting.
10/22 c6 51Tamuril2
Late night cookies are the best! Julian probably just made a lifelong friend.
10/14 c5 Tamuril2
Awwww, Nog is so heroically sweet! I just wanted to hug him for taking the initiative.

Hmmm, I'm not sure I believe Nog either about being bitten.
10/6 c4 Tamuril2
I'll admit to being a little taken aback at how snippy Sisko was at first, but then I stopped and remembered this was his son and most parents react very differently when their child is ill. So it made sense then.

I can't wait to see what happens next. Will it be better or worse? I vote worse. What? You know you'd want it too if you were the reader here.
9/30 c3 Tamuril2
Jake: having dessert for breakfast?
Bashir: technically lunch now.
Me: y'all know waffles and pancakes with syrup is dessert, right? Tehe!

Hmmm, I predict it get worse gets better..This had an ominous feel to it (which I loved!).
9/26 c2 20Little Tanuki
Just getting back into reading fanfic again and this seemed like an interesting point to start.

Looking good so far. Wonder what the deal is.

I'll add this story to my follows and look forward to the next update.
9/22 c2 51Tamuril2
I hadn't even thought about Nog and Jake going somewhere they shouldn't and thus getting a bug (or bitten by one, as this case is). So glad you did!
9/17 c1 NorthernRedwood
Heyo! Really great first chapter :) Thanks for posting!
9/16 c1 Tamuril2
Oh! Oh! I vote Sisko maybe freaks out on Bashir, maybe blames him for hot second, when Jake gets worse.

How intriguing though, a sickness that puts people to sleep. I wonder if Julian's enhancements will help him last longer.
9/15 c1 Lasciella
Great start. I love reading your stories. They're always entertaining.
There's a few extra spaces in this one - on the website at least. Nothing major but worth a look over.
Can't wait to see where this one goes. I wish I could write one.

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