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for The Game Is Not Over

10/17 c21 JeaneneP
Awesome! So glad that you wrote again!please continue. I love these very personal chats they have. The bond this team has is very special and I love hearing each one perceives it! Thanks so much. Looking forward to the next chapter!
10/16 c21 Painter
Well worth the wait, thank you! The conversation between Sam and Callen was nicely done, very believable with Callen finding it a bit uncomfortable but Sam finally opening up and being honest with himself and Callen. I'm glad to see they're back to being friends/hopefully partners!
10/14 c21 Guest
Excellent! So happy to see this update to your wonderful story and looking forward to weekly updates. Great talk between Callen and Sam. Thanks so much!
10/13 c21 Guest
Oh, I was elated to see this chapter. I have missed this story a lot! Can't wait to read more. Thank you!
10/15 c21 28knirbenrots
I sure looked forward to see this chapter and it was good indeed, despite having to be very patient.
Just imagine Callen being hurt this bad, it must be impossible to go back to the office. Though the boatshed could be just as dangerous: Janvier knows the place after all...
Thanks for this update anyway!
10/14 c21 trscrny
First of all, thank you for posting more of this great story. Second of all, it was worth the wait! Very well done. Not a fan of the Kensi and Deeks storyline on the show or in fanfic, but it had to be put in I know. So happy to hear Sam being so honest with Callen about why he pushed him away. Perfectly written as always. Sorry for a late review. I just moved and there is not good Internet access where I am now. They finally worked on it some more and at least I can remain online more than a few minutes before losing my connection! When I saw there was a new chapter of your story I couldn't wait to read it and I was not disappointed at all. Thank you.
Stay safe,
10/13 c20 CH
Great the weit
10/12 c21 Rosemoor
Glad to see you are going to be updating once a week. Looking forward to what happens next.
10/12 c21 1Amjm
So glad you are posting again! Thank you!
9/24 c20 Amjm
I am so curious on how you plan to progress with your story. Please carry on writing!
8/3 c20 Amjm
This story is so good! I hope you will find the time to carry on!
6/4 c20 28knirbenrots
Oh, I'm so happy that The Story Is Not Over!
I can just imagine Sam in his urge to take care of his former partner that he can hardly understand what Callen went through.
Same goes for me; it must be so hard to loose your texts and restart all you already had written. Even more reason to save it.
Every time I had parts or chapters written on our former, unstable computer, I sent it by e-mail to myself. Nowadays I don’t have to since I trust the system...
Hang in there! You made me a happy camper. There's hardly anything good Callen centered stories around. Like you, there's never enough time to write and too much time inbetween uploads...

6/4 c20 Pam11
I love Callen stories especially the hurt comfort ones with Sam and the team. I’m looking forward to seeing the next 30 chapters lol. You can stretch it out I won’t mind.
Thank you so much for writing these stories.
6/4 c20 11countrygirluk56
Hi, welcome back and I'm sorry to hear about your computer. That sucks! Whilst I keep my stories on the pc, I also have an external drive which I back them up on. A lot of my writer friends use the cloud to save work to. Just a thought. Anyway to your story: great chapter! So glad Callen is safe - well at least away from Janvier (for the time being no doubt) - and that he's willing to let the doctor attend to his injuries. Can wait for more but understand the predicament you're in. Good luck and rest assured I'm still with you for the long haul! Keep safe!
6/3 c20 Painter
I for one am so pleased to see you're back! Sorry about your hard drive :( This chapter was worth the wait, I am sure the others will be too, I love this story. Callen and the doctor was spot on, I actually laughed too when Callen said 'It seemed a better option than hanging around...' :) Also loved Sam switching cars - he has learnt from Callen indeed. Can't wait for more x
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