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9/17/2020 c1 11countrygirluk56
Welcome back. I was pleased when I got the notification that you'd posted a new story. I quite understand how you feel but you've no need to worry because that prologue, although short, was intense and intriguing. It's already got its hooks into me! Can't wait for more and I don't have to because there's already another chapter to read. Yah!
9/16/2020 c2 CH
Great story. Can t wait for more chapters
9/16/2020 c2 Guest
Great start.
I love your stories, so it’s great to have you back.
Please update soon
9/15/2020 c2 JeaneneP
Mmm love it! Sounds like an ex-wife type of conversation and Callen is not happy! Wonder what is going on! Sad that he can pull his team in for support! Lonewolf is not good! Please continue soon!
9/15/2020 c2 hangten33
Interesting start and while I know this is Callen centric, where is Deeks?
9/15/2020 c2 trscrny
I hope you are wrong about Callen and Sam no longer being partners. One thing I've always loved about this show is their partnership. On the original NCIS Gibbs is in charge but still goes out on missions. Perhaps it's different with the Special Ops? Anyway, I'm liking your story and I'm liking that Callen is doing a good job being the Ops Manager even if I do prefer him with Sam. Eager to find out about this mysterious mission! More, soon, I hope.
Stay safe,
9/15/2020 c2 28knirbenrots
Now who is he seeing?

Love the start of this story, please update soon!
9/15/2020 c1 knirbenrots
Good to find a new story coming from you. And yes, I feel the same trouble, every now and then, to write a new chapter or to start a new story.
Anyway, this first very short chapter invites anyone to look for the next chapter!
9/15/2020 c1 hmekler
I can’t wait! I love your writing, and this story already has me intrigued.
9/15/2020 c1 trscrny
I'm glad you are offering a new Callen-centric story for us. And glad your Muse has returned! Your prologue already has me on pins and needles! Ch. 1 soon please!
Thanks for sharing and hope you are staying safe in these difficult times.
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