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for The Game Is Not Over

10/12 c21 Rosemoor
Glad to see you are going to be updating once a week. Looking forward to what happens next.
10/12 c21 1Amjm
So glad you are posting again! Thank you!
9/24 c20 Amjm
I am so curious on how you plan to progress with your story. Please carry on writing!
8/3 c20 Amjm
This story is so good! I hope you will find the time to carry on!
6/4 c20 28knirbenrots
Oh, I'm so happy that The Story Is Not Over!
I can just imagine Sam in his urge to take care of his former partner that he can hardly understand what Callen went through.
Same goes for me; it must be so hard to loose your texts and restart all you already had written. Even more reason to save it.
Every time I had parts or chapters written on our former, unstable computer, I sent it by e-mail to myself. Nowadays I don’t have to since I trust the system...
Hang in there! You made me a happy camper. There's hardly anything good Callen centered stories around. Like you, there's never enough time to write and too much time inbetween uploads...

6/4 c20 Pam11
I love Callen stories especially the hurt comfort ones with Sam and the team. I’m looking forward to seeing the next 30 chapters lol. You can stretch it out I won’t mind.
Thank you so much for writing these stories.
6/4 c20 11countrygirluk56
Hi, welcome back and I'm sorry to hear about your computer. That sucks! Whilst I keep my stories on the pc, I also have an external drive which I back them up on. A lot of my writer friends use the cloud to save work to. Just a thought. Anyway to your story: great chapter! So glad Callen is safe - well at least away from Janvier (for the time being no doubt) - and that he's willing to let the doctor attend to his injuries. Can wait for more but understand the predicament you're in. Good luck and rest assured I'm still with you for the long haul! Keep safe!
6/3 c20 Painter
I for one am so pleased to see you're back! Sorry about your hard drive :( This chapter was worth the wait, I am sure the others will be too, I love this story. Callen and the doctor was spot on, I actually laughed too when Callen said 'It seemed a better option than hanging around...' :) Also loved Sam switching cars - he has learnt from Callen indeed. Can't wait for more x
6/3 c20 CH
Patching up Callen is so much fun great story. Can t wait to read more
6/2 c20 Guest
I'm glad you are back!
6/2 c20 Guest
Yay, your back!
Sorry to hear about your technology problems, computers and me have never had a loving relationship.
Look forward to reading more. This is my favorite storyline of yours so far
6/2 c20 HFlorence
Still here and excited for what’s to come. Hopefully things start smoothing out for you
6/2 c20 trscrny
What a great surprise! I like that Doctor. She seems to know how to approach Callen. And, in my opinion, you have Callen's reactions and words perfectly portrayed. His acting like it was no big deal to escape from the boat is typical Callen! Thank you so much for posting this, esp. in light of your losing the story and having to basically start over. Looking forward to more when you can manage it! Thanks, again.
Take care,
6/2 c20 Rosemoor
Sorry about your hard drive. Thanks for your update and for not leaving us hanging. Looking forward to what happens next.
5/31 c19 Guest
Great story - looking forward for an update hopefully soon…
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