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for The Game Is Not Over

5/7 c19 3RockyWench
I just recently found my way back to Fanfiction. LOVE this story! Waiting with baited breath for the next chapter!
4/27 c13 Lestat74
WOW, WOW, WOW! So much suspense and the waiting to find out what happens to G is killing me! Great story and the way you move present and past is flawless! Great kid so far!
4/21 c19 Guest
This is such a good story. Your characters are very true to form.
Please update soon
3/26 c19 11countrygirluk56
Caught up! The team are back together and good news Callen will meet the doc at the boatshed but Janvier knows where that is. Hope he doesn't decide to pay them a visit. Can't wait for the next chapter. Extremely well written, my friend :-)
3/26 c18 countrygirluk56
Glad it wasn't Sam that triggered the explosion and that he's okay. Knew it was Hetty's house and how did she know to send Deeks with groceries? I like the way you've written Deeks - not quite true to the show but close enough. Trust Callen not to want anyone to help him but at least he's allowed Deeks to get a friend. Let's hope they don't lead Janvier to them or Hetty will have to sell her new house! Great chapter.
3/26 c17 countrygirluk56
We still don't know about Sam but at least Callen, Nick and Peter are relatively safe. Glad Nick is helping Callen without making him uncomfortable about it. Hopefully this is Hetty's beach property and it's her who has just come in. Another great chapter.
3/25 c16 countrygirluk56
OMG I guess this is one of the cliffhangers you told me about. Luckily I can move on to the next chapter straight. Excellent writing.
3/25 c15 countrygirluk56
Glad Callen was able to make it to shore and that Nick was waiting for him and therefore able to help. Even injured, Callen will do all he can to keep them safe. All he has to do now is to connect the team. Here's hoping.
3/25 c14 countrygirluk56
Sad Joelle died but at least Callen was able to get and hide her knife. Ever ingenious and brave, our hero has escaped. Here's hoping. Another well written chapter. Well done.
3/24 c13 countrygirluk56
I love how Sam stands up to Vance and how Vance understands and gives him a brief dressing down. I watch both series and I think you've got Vance nailed. He's quite unemotional as the Director of NCIS should be and he does speak in clipped tones. Well done. Another excellent chapter.
3/24 c12 countrygirluk56
Now that's a twist I didn't see coming. Mosley! Will she help? Let's hope it gives them a means to get in on the auction. Will Javier know her? If so, I'm sure she'll convince him that she has no love for NCIS or Callen, after what happened. Another great chapter. I just love this story. You needn't have been worried about your writing - it's brilliant.
3/24 c11 countrygirluk56
Excellent chapter! And of course Hetty would be there! Love the way you included Callen in Sam's imagination. Great job.
3/22 c9 countrygirluk56
OMG! so close and then foiled at the last minute. Was this the plan all along? Had Janvier realised Jo was working against him? This is so good. Great stuff.
3/22 c8 countrygirluk56
I knew there had to be a good reason why Jo was working with Javier. Can't figure out what Callen did to make him so mad. He couldn't have written something on his eyelids like Javier had done as he's been tied up all the time ... hasn't he? Hope you let us know in due course. Great work.
3/22 c7 countrygirluk56
OMG it's been quite a while since I read this story and I'd forgotten how good it is! I still ask what's Jo's part in all this? Is she working against Javier and has he realised it? This is so good. The good part of not being on FF for a while is that I've got loads of chapters to read! Hope you're keeping well and safe.
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