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3/22/2021 c8 11countrygirluk56
I knew there had to be a good reason why Jo was working with Javier. Can't figure out what Callen did to make him so mad. He couldn't have written something on his eyelids like Javier had done as he's been tied up all the time ... hasn't he? Hope you let us know in due course. Great work.
3/22/2021 c7 countrygirluk56
OMG it's been quite a while since I read this story and I'd forgotten how good it is! I still ask what's Jo's part in all this? Is she working against Javier and has he realised it? This is so good. The good part of not being on FF for a while is that I've got loads of chapters to read! Hope you're keeping well and safe.
3/19/2021 c19 28knirbenrots
Ah, so glad to find your update!
I like to see what Deeks is doing, how he handles it all. Both Sam and Callen trust him and feel okay with working with him.
It scares me though that Janvier already knows the boatshed. It certainly does not feel being a safe place at all...
3/18/2021 c19 Guest
Sam and Callen are back together #love I've been waiting the whole story so far for this moment and it didn't disappoint!
3/17/2021 c19 Guest
Great to read another chapter. Glad Sam is there to take care of Callen although Deek did a good job.
Can't wait to read more.
3/17/2021 c19 Painter
Two awesome scenes here - I loved Callen's reflections in the shower. Janvier really does know how to get to him, he knows Callen's biggest weakness is how he feels responsible for those around him. And when Sam finally met up with Callen again, his concern for Callen and Callen's concern for Sam - it was just perfect. I loved Callen's line 'Be thankful he didn't have time to cut it off'..! Thank you for another awesome chapter!
3/17/2021 c19 alabama
Ha, I didn’t know Word did that, but it made me read the chapter twice!
3/17/2021 c19 trscrny
You are really writing this so well. Not just the action scenes, which are great, but the conversations, the looks, everything fits with my vision of the guys. Not a Deeks fan, but I like him in this story. Glad he spoke up for Callen when Sam was insisting on a hospital visit for Callen. Such a good story and do hope you plan to allow Callen to end Janvier's miserable existence! And thank you, once again, for the updates. Every time I see you've posted a new chapter it puts a smile on my face and I read nothing else until I've read the new chapter. then I read it again! LOL!
Stay safe,
3/17/2021 c19 Rosemoor
Nice to see an update. Glad Sam is finally there to help.
3/17/2021 c19 1Amjm
Yes, Sam is finally there to take care of Callen! I hope they will renew their brotherhood.
2/25/2021 c18 28knirbenrots
So good that there's at least one friendly face in there. I do sincerely hope that Janvier has no means to trace the team members or any of their phones, and that serious physical assistance can be around for Callen. It nearly seems impossible for Callen to stay on alert, on his feet any longer.

Hope that, despite all you're dealing with, ther's more to come indeed!
2/24/2021 c18 6ssl71
Deeks! I’m glad he convinced Callen to privately get seen by a doctor.

Looking forward to seeing what happens in the next chapter.
2/24/2021 c18 Painter
Like the other reviewers, I was expecting Hetty, not Deeks! I wonder who was more surprised - Callen, Deeks, or us as readers lol!

I think you've written Deeks really well! He'll have not known *what* he's walking in to, but in true Deeks-style he handles it. He's concerned and worried, but he doesn't let that stop him doing what needs to be done. And he managed to get Callen to agree to medical attention! Not many people manage that! But it's clear Callen needs it, and I'm looking forward to having him and Sam back together too. You've marked this story as H/C, so I'm assuming there will be a great big dollop of Callen-care coming up after the injuries you've given him at the hands of Janvier - I'm really looking forward to seeing how you handle that, as well as what the team will do to make sure Janvier gets what he deserves for hurting Callen!

Great job, as always.
2/24/2021 c17 Painter
I'm excited to see two new chapters... I don't know how I missed this one! Nice chapter here, I can imagine it's hard to write as you've got the team split up currently and completely unaware of each other's doings at the moment, and I feel a sense of that here, as we're still hanging on the cliff-hanger you left us with Sam, but at the same time Callen is working on the final stages of getting to safety... and now another cliff-hanger this time with Callen. I'm glad I don't have to wait to read the next chapter this time!
2/23/2021 c18 Guest
Sorry life is tough for you now. I hope writing this story allows the escape from reality that you provide me and, no doubt, other readers. Thanks so much for another fine chapter. Looking forward to reading more. Can't wait for Sam to arrive. Between him and the off the radar doctor, Callen can get some medical attention.
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