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8/19 c15 UltimateCCC
Perhaps the TRio could help Ash on information on Team Rocket's plans to stop as insiders.
8/19 c14 UltimateCCC
Ash with an Absol? Talk about double disaster duo.
8/19 c13 UltimateCCC
Now Ash and Iris are Dragonite Buddies!
8/19 c12 UltimateCCC
(fingers snap) Another missed opportunity on their visit to the Hoenn Region for Misty to see how Togetic is doing.
8/19 c11 UltimateCCC
Ash gets his groove back!
8/19 c10 UltimateCCC
I'm sure somewhere Clemont and Korrina are in a small room together.
8/19 c9 UltimateCCC
Nice choices.
8/19 c8 UltimateCCC
Ash explaining to Chloe of his friends leading up to current events.
8/19 c7 UltimateCCC
Ash Ketchum just made history: Asking a girl out on a date
8/19 c6 UltimateCCC
Seeing a new light in Ash.
8/19 c5 UltimateCCC
If you look at it, Paul's being like a big brother to Ash.
Sorry about the last review stupid buttons.
8/19 c4 UltimateCCC
I was unaware of Money ever had a Pok├ęballok├ęball
8/19 c3 UltimateCCC
Taking a sabbatical might be the best decision for him.
8/19 c2 UltimateCCC
Kind of got this image of Ash being in runner-up and inner frustration just burst when he slapped the winner in the face and beat 'em up with the crowd actually cheering for him and started to love what he did and more.
8/19 c1 UltimateCCC
That would make Chloe the Head Lady.
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