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for Arise - A Solo Leveling Collection

8/15 c1 Trixie
I just keep on coming back to reread this. I understand your sentiment regarding how there's no fanfiction created for our power couple. Thus when I discovered this (which I am utterly thankful), it literally changed the game. Though I'm sad this series had been discontinued, I'm still thankful to have read 12 chapters of this amazing series at least. I wish you well, author.
7/28 c12 Guest
I didn't know chapter 13 was this long
7/15 c12 idk
Please do update I love this
3/24 c12 pix25
Love it, couldnt stop reading, hope there will be more
2/27 c12 Dangal
Hope you update soon man

Really like this series
11/28/2022 c8 Guest
Great chapter as always
11/28/2022 c5 Guest
Yess hotter scenes
11/28/2022 c4 Guest
Great chapter!
10/24/2022 c12 6HiroKoya
Well unlucky that i found this a year later after its prolly discontinued lol. Loved the 12 chapters.
9/18/2022 c12 Guest
7/27/2022 c12 trio-of-friends
u did so well portraying the two characters! i never felt like they were out of character and damn I loved reading every part of these stories. i can't help but reread them over and over again! i think you did an absolutely amazing job, thank you so much for writing this and making my day :)
7/21/2022 c6 Pyn
After read this chap, I hope to read some kind of beru or eles help Hae in clear the dungoen
7/21/2022 c5 Pyn
Not thing to say, your writing is so gooood. I love this moment of Hae in and Jin woo.
7/21/2022 c3 Pyn
Why I just find your writing! It's so beutiful, i love your story timing so much. Thank you for these good (side) story that i wish i could read in manhwa hahahahha
7/8/2022 c10 Guest
did u discontinue?
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