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8/7 c138 1MakhaiArcanum
Here it is, the half way point. Wow. It’s so weird to think that this is only half way given everything that had already happened so far. You even managed to throw in a mini tournament arc. I was really shocked when you straight up killed Ren and Nora too. What a move to play. I’m loving this story, and I can’t wait to see what happens next!
7/31 c1 MakhaiArcanum
Oh dear. 276 Chapters. What am I getting myself into?
5/14 c276 venyr4686
And pls don't leave it like this, if you can't decide on one ending you can write 2 epilogues. One Good, One bad. It's up to you.
5/14 c1 venyr4686
Yo, Guest reviewer who doesn't even have the guts to show his profile, if you don't want to see it, then remove it from your list, because this is just unnecessary hate trash that you're spewing.
4/20 c276 Guest
When will this story die? I’m getting sick of seeing this generic garbage clog up my feed when I check for updated stories.
4/12 c276 1Argus456
And thus the story begins...did not expect the end though but given you constantly refering them as Cetra, it all makes sense. With dust being material and the Lifestream literally being there all this time.

Cloud did win and return to his family to live the rest of his remaining days in peace with his wives and children...likely after taking care of his sisters of course. At least that's what I hope had happened since Cloud could have died from being so close to the impact zone, thus leaving everyone left to deal with the aftermath on their own.

Still, he did stop Salem so her being brought back 2000 years later is on Shinra's hands.
4/12 c273 Argus456
Oof, killed off screen. All that build up then gone, just like that. Geez...
4/11 c259 Argus456
To be honest, they were lucky Emerald didn't do more than she did since it would have been so easy for her to trick Cloud into killing his wives or kids.

Or trick him into killing his opponent in the match like she did with Pyrrha and Penny
4/11 c257 Argus456
Wait a minute? Zell!? Is there a Balamb Garden academy somewhere out there?
4/11 c276 3Kensarto
A few hundred words for the final fight is not enough. Not for this fic. The fight with Adam and Cinder and every other villain before it was longer.
You didn't even have Cloud face an ounce of struggle in this fight against the big bad villain who had plagued him all this time.
She didn't use any of her mind magic, his sisters never made an appearance. Ruby and Weiss's struggle over giving their blessing and their blessings were pointless.

All she managed to do was summon rocks from the sky which Cloud shrugged off even after a direct blow. Why didn't she summon Grimm, or use her immortal body to perform a sacrificial move that ensnared Cloud, or use any other type of magic on conjunction with the meteors to force him to stay at a distance.

Finally, does the "sometime in a distant future" thing mean you're not going to do an epilogue? Since Cloud won so readily, is he going to go home and everyone celebrates and you can show us all the loose ends being tied off?

If this is the last chapter, it leaves a lot to be desired. I hope its a calm before the storm.
4/11 c253 1Argus456
Huh, did not expect to see RYPP again but at least it is good to know that they got over their crush though I can't help but feel that they're still holding out onto that flame, even if it's subconsciously.
4/11 c276 MountainBookSage25
Okay okay okay

What the fuck?
4/11 c276 Xealchim
Nice, I remember when you first started the first fic, not everyone made it but thats ok. Gl in the future
4/11 c276 4Dragon lord Syed 101
Well that was one way to end it
4/10 c275 MountainBookSage25
Just something to think about

Say, Cloud did die and didn't manage to defeat Salem

His children will be in danger

Not only from his sisters and Salem, but also because when, and I mean when, they learn about what happened to their father that went Summer Rose repeat

Maybe somehow they will be hellbent on taking revenge on her

Shucks, really complicated family
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