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for Inseparable - Ferb x Emma(OC)

9/30 c12 LionHeartDoxa404
OH my gosh! That was very...steamy! It's very tastefully written and I'm glad things didn't go further...
And how is Ferb such a good kisser?! Like I'm pretty sure he hasn't had a proper girlfriend right? Or he's been practicing by himself... Hahaha. Now that is a funny image...
And Phineas! The Flynn-Fletcher boys are passionate lovers! ️
But yeah, whew. I just can't get that scene out of my head haha!
9/30 c11 LionHeartDoxa404
Haha no need to apologise! There's so much going on in this chapter! Showing Gracie's human side, Emma opening up to the gang, Linda accepting Phineas and Ferb's antics and adventures just like that, Ferb's girlfriend proposal, Phinabella's nicknames for each other... It's all just so cute and I am in LOVE! You're doing a good job in delaying the inevitable and makes me wanna read more! MOAR!
9/30 c10 LionHeartDoxa404
It's nice to see Ferb making a massive effort in planning his secret be himself! Just shows how much he cares for Emma! Again, Ferbma are so cute! ️
9/30 c9 LionHeartDoxa404
Awwwwwwww! So happy for these two! The sudden change in feeling and emotions is too much for me! Hahaha! But I love it!
9/30 c8 LionHeartDoxa404
My heart literally broke... the emotions running through me right now is indescribable...
But thanks for this chapter! The writing is amazing! ️
9/30 c7 LionHeartDoxa404
I love how you made 2 different perspectives of this date! Both Phinabella and Ferbma are super cute! I just can't stop reading!
9/26 c4 LionHeartDoxa404
Ferb is so lovestruck! I love it! And of course, as someone from the UK, he is a true gentleman
And so daring! In one day, they pretty much had at least a date and a half!
9/26 c3 LionHeartDoxa404
Awwwwwwwww! Has Emma found her soulmate?I love how straightforward Ferb is!
9/23 c8 683mary.okeeffe.16
Brings back memories to them.
9/19 c6 mary.okeeffe.16
Nice song
9/19 c2 LionHeartDoxa404
Whoa! Gracie is hella creepy haha! Thanks for the chapter! Phinabella are so cute here!
9/16 c1 LionHeartDoxa404
There probably are some people who would go as far as to break into someone’s house haha! Loving the writing so far!
9/15 c1 mary.okeeffe.16
Nicely done.

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