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4/23/2021 c33 17DS2010
Nice way to end a new baby
4/8/2021 c32 DS2010
Looks like baby is ready to come
2/4/2021 c31 DS2010
Love the cannoli talk and pickles the fact that she wanted them when she hated them. Talk about baby wanting craving
1/5/2021 c30 DS2010
I am glad Tali and the baby are okay
12/14/2020 c29 DS2010
that baby is certainly causing all sorts of trouble in the end
12/1/2020 c28 DS2010
Fun them making the rounds with family and Tali practically glowing
11/28/2020 c26 DS2010
Happy for Tali and Kelly and her father is a real bastard!
11/27/2020 c25 DS2010
Figures her father would have minions watching her.
I love her and Kelly
11/27/2020 c24 DS2010
sigh I just want to hug Tali for all she is going through
11/14/2020 c23 DS2010
Glad Gibbs words hit home to Tali finally
11/6/2020 c22 DS2010
laughing at what was said
11/6/2020 c21 DS2010
Tali seems to have trouble follow her including back at the hospital again
11/6/2020 c20 DS2010
Back to work girls.
Not surprised by Eli still spying on the girls.
10/29/2020 c19 DS2010
Loved the girls just being able to relax
10/28/2020 c9 2chelsncisfan
So I was reading my story over and noticed I called Tali, Ziva a few times I apologize. When I write it is usually really late so I am sorry if I confuse you. Anyways yea the person fighting is Tali not Ziva sorry!
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