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for sun shines through the rain

9/27/2020 c2 2itsfridaysomewhere
Aaaaaaaw my heart! Don't end it there though
9/26/2020 c2 8Psychlinite
Very cute! 3
9/23/2020 c2 44smuffly
Oh, but the angst is the perfect lead up to that sweet, sweet ending!

I could really feel Shawn's disorientation and unhappiness in the opening of this chapter, and then switching to Juliet's point of view helped to emphasize how out of character he was behaving. I think the thing I personally like most about your stories is seeing Shawn through Juliet's eyes. And you know Juliet so well, you always write her perfectly. This situation is very telling - she believes that she needs him to be the Shawn she is used to, the one whose intent look makes her feel as though she is 'sinking into a warm bath', but when she realises that something is wrong, her overriding instinct is to find out what it is, and how she can fix it.

Nice use of Gus, by the way, and I enjoyed seeing Lassie in there too.

It's definitely a chapter of two halves, in terms of emotion - I felt achingly awful for Shawn in the beginning, but when Jules turned up on the beach, everything changed and you made me feel that too, with your clever descriptions of their subtle reactions (very true to the way they always interact in moments like this), and a conversation that was also completely in character for both of them. The joke about his father's voicemail made me laugh out loud. And thanks for throwing in 'eighth grade Jules' - I love that every time and you handled it perfectly! The fact that he kisses her shoulder, too... so very Shawn. He's tactile but in an oddly gentle way and he doesn't overstep the boundaries. I always like that about him.

After reading chapter one, I couldn't imagine how you would finish this story with a romantic pay off that still kept pace with the series, but you did it with style and I love it. This is a gorgeous piece of writing.
9/17/2020 c1 2itsfridaysomewhere
Great story!
9/16/2020 c1 44smuffly
I was intrigued to read this one as I could tell from the start that you have moved away from your (excellent) use of specific episodes or scenes this time and written something that stands completely on its own. I'm glad it's a two part story! I love a good cliffhanger, and I can't wait to find out what Shawn is going to say. I know you're like me, in that you generally stick with canon, slipping your stories in the gaps (it's a fun challenge), so I do wonder how this tale is going to progress, and if you are keeping to that general principle.

Your opening really made me think about how Shawn's abilities would affect his dreams - and nightmares! That was good observation, and I felt for him.

As for the incident in the warehouse, I can totally believe that he would obsess over it in this way, and feel guilty. I think he would worry far more about something happening to Jules than to him, even at this point in their story. I also like the idea that he finds it hard to talk to her about it because it's too important and he has to be sure that he will say it exactly right. Shawn can talk the hind legs off a donkey until he has something really emotional to say! (Though he generally nails it in the end, in his own unique way.)

Nice reference to the 'very close talking' scene. And I love 'Eternal Flame' - great choice! I always enjoy your musical titles. It's nice to have the link between the fics that way.

Looking forward to part 2!

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