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for A Friendly Hustle

9/20 c70 1BloodmoonX
Well it nice to hear that Travis is doing well and is mated to a rabbit too. Things are coming great at hopps burrow. Lol looks things in love are going to get interesting. Overall great chapter.

9/12 c74 LoveFicition
it took aome time but I've finally read up tonthis fucking good!
9/8 c74 Dracoessa Draga
wonder how the meetings would go.
9/7 c74 Dracoessa Draga
aaawwwww how sweet.
9/7 c74 3RonaldM40196867
I want a swimming hole.

Grills rule in the summer.

We all like picnics.
7/28 c73 alpha lover02
I'm loving Terry and Fran, they're just so cute
7/28 c73 Dracoessa Draga
how sweet.
7/28 c73 RonaldM40196867
Nick can handle the kits.

Jannet and Domi are really connecting.

Happy Summer.
7/11 c72 carick of hunter moon
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I Just wanted to say well done and thankyou of all your hard work and gift you given to us all by posting your epic story
7/10 c72 Wolfx1120
Oh how i love this :3
7/10 c72 12Ninja bat master
Hi! Love this story!
One idea I’d like to suggest. There is a group of mammals that not only have members of just about every eating type (carnivore, herbivore, insectivore, piscivore, nectavore ?(nectar drinker)) is one of the largest groups of mammals, and is the first mammal to truly fly. BATS! I love bats and would love some of the many kinds to appear in this story. Kenneth Oppels book series Silverwing gives a great fictional bat culture to draw from! And given the largest species is named flying fox….I think Nick knowing some of them would be poetic. No plot idea just something I wanted to suggest. Anyway, thanks for the great story and great chapters! Can’t wait for the next ones!
7/10 c72 FurryFuzzyWuzzy
Great new chapter thank you have a great day
7/10 c72 Dracoessa Draga
*rofl* all the poofing!¡! *lmao* but great chapter. wonder what's on the horizon.
7/10 c72 3RonaldM40196867
Marriage sure changes things.

It sure is rainy today.

Happy July!
6/14 c71 Dracoessa Draga
good chapter, and Janet's and Doni's night must have been a spicy one if on that topic is a "no comment" topic.
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