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for They Never Said I Couldn't Be A Villain

3/4 c13 12Gold Testament
Oh I would love to see the looks of All For One's Toshinori's Bakugo's and Inko's faces when they learn that not only are quirks man-made, but Inko is the last living disappointment between Auctor Midoriya the Quirk Creator and his descendant Izuku Midoriya the future Quirk Destroyer. It's also poetic. Auctor created quirks to help evolve humanity, and his descendant Izuku will destroy them for the same reason. Truly a full circle fic.
3/4 c8 Gold Testament
Villan DekuXHerOchako Romance!
11/27/2023 c19 Guest
i like the story, i heard it on not what if channel under the name what if deku turned his back on the heri ideal and embraced villiany?
4/22/2023 c15 jimmy.oz
Well i will stop for now and put it in the following and hope for updates. if not it will just sit there. it is a pretty good story though.
4/22/2023 c1 jimmy.oz
Seems interesting needs updates though.
4/9/2023 c19 19The-Ghoul-Aj717
We will be watching you, and waiting for your rewrite. It is worth it! We wish you best of luck in life and in your projects. Take care and see you soon.
4/9/2023 c18 The-Ghoul-Aj717
Heh,guess that now Overhaul is hauled into a highway to hell!
4/9/2023 c17 The-Ghoul-Aj717
Change of plans it seems!
4/8/2023 c15 The-Ghoul-Aj717
Goodbye heroes!
4/8/2023 c14 The-Ghoul-Aj717
Heh, who wouldn't be inspired by that legend called Madara?
4/8/2023 c13 The-Ghoul-Aj717
4/8/2023 c11 The-Ghoul-Aj717
Oh boy, guess that now the calamities are unleashed!
4/8/2023 c10 The-Ghoul-Aj717
Heh, I love it!
4/8/2023 c9 The-Ghoul-Aj717
Muscular? You mean the one person Stain would kill on sight if it wasn't for his durability?
4/8/2023 c8 The-Ghoul-Aj717
Come on Ochako! Fall for him already!
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