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9/20 c1 5fallingyuki
Great story!
9/19 c1 Guest
I like your ending better than the series...
9/18 c1 2SlothQueen100
And here is the ending we all deserved. It’s beautiful. I love it.
9/16 c1 Vic
This fanfic has more sense than the last two chapters in the serie... thanks..I am waiting for your new job
9/16 c1 7AliDone
Bless you and your retake, this one and every one coming down the line. Ive heard what happens in 7.14, but from all reports it sounds like it almost gets worse, which I suppose could be my entire view on season 7 as a whole. The writers have spent the entire season squandering storyline payoffs and the goodwill of the fans. I think I’ll follow through and not finish the final 3 episodes and just immerse myself in the created worlds of the fandom.
This version brought the characters back to themselves. In my opinion the characterizations of both Clarke and Bellamy in this season were completely out of character with who they were for the first six seasons of the show, this fixed some of that. If seasons 1-6 versions of them met the season 7 version of them they would have killed them to protect their people.

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