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17h c4 harnicem
Loving the story and it's predecessor

Can't wait for a new chapter
9/24 c4 2Magic-Saphira
Another great chapter! I can't wait for the next one...

I just really hope Lucius doesn't mess up again, by trying to make Draco sire a pure-blooded bastard child! I really LOVE the Hermione and Draco in this story. They fit so well and are completely devoted to each other. I really think that, IF Lucius would try that, then he really would have nothing left and even Narcissa would be against him!
9/24 c4 Chalice13
Your story, your universe. You get to make the rules, and except when your characters take over, you get to decide what they do. I think your take on the situation is very realistic, and I can see how some of the choices were made. The story is excellent, but don't forget our Dramione love. And not just the sex, though that is always fun, but I hope to see the love and affection, not just between parent and child, but between Draco and Hermione.
9/23 c4 pgoodrichboggs
Awesome chapters. You did amazing portraying feelings and emotions.
9/23 c4 29ForsakenKalika
I like that it seems like Lu acknowledges his failings and possibly outdated beliefs. As a sequel, this is a 10 out of 10. Much love and many thanks!
9/23 c4 11Alice1420
Dime que Lucius no va a ser tan idiota de hacer que Draco embarace a una bruja sangre pura... Ahí se iría derechito a azkaban... Creo que Narcisa lo llevaría jajajaa
9/23 c4 Recekayla
I think I would want to be like little Ori, just silence them maybe with a good stunner thrown in sometimes. Lucius needs stunned often, because his brain is slow to pick up. Stunning could slow it down and allow him to think. Looking forward to the next update.
9/19 c3 Guest
The first story was excellent and beautiful. However, I'm going to give this second story a miss. Why Hermione, who would be killed by Lucius, would ever help him be released from prison does not make any kind of sense. It also does not make sense for Draco, who hated his father and who was abused by his father and his decisions, to want his father released. The idea of this story does not fit with the first story, and so I will be leaving this story here.
9/21 c3 Bubbling Apples
I cannot wait for more, and I think a bit of Narcissa and Lucius' love would be alright
9/20 c3 twizt312
i read the first story and i cant wait to see were this goes
9/20 c3 2Magic-Saphira
A really good continuation of the previous story. I really want to read more, but personally, I don't want to read lemons between Lucius and Narcissa. For some reason the idea makes me sick, but it is your story.

Anyway keep up the good work!
9/20 c3 Amalynna11
ohhhh i loves this.. malfoy granger children really cute with their own way.. cant wait for more
9/20 c3 carerra.hughes
The Narcissa backpedaling that needs to happen, that will be fun. If he can still do wandless magic, now it needs to be basic. Before, he might have been able to do a variety, but Azkaban changes you. As for scenes with Lucius and Narcissa, not opposed to it per say, but there needs to be a reason for it. They get interrupted, he has a mental or physical lapse because something triggers a bad memory, etc.
9/20 c3 pgoodrichboggs
Great chapter!
9/20 c3 Chalice13
By all means share a little Lucius and Narcissa love. I am here for the Dramione, but always like to know other couples can be in love. Looking forward to the Blaire and Luna romance, too.
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