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9/24 c1 kept123
GoodwitchXRuby xd
9/23 c2 2RemaGeek
I like this, in a way, it is relatable to when I was a freshman in high school
9/23 c1 satan837
Got to agree with RayD2Kill about this being very similar to Ruby Begins by NeoiluzaF (You should read it if you liking The New Rose). With that said I'm enjoying the new spin with (how I'm interpreting anyways) Ruby being more spiteful towards WBY & JNPR then just being done like in RB. And though I enjoy a good Victory Rose story, your take to show and expand the Prodigy part of Ruby is something I always love Fics doing and look forward to how you keep developing her.

Some suggestions for the future:

She's attracting the attention of other students so build on that and show her making actual friends this can serve a few purposes A. Further, diverge from RB B. Serving the same purpose for WBY as the Waitress part of RB C. More plot threads you can work with and develop at will.

Truthfully unless you have a good reason I'd say just scrap the Waitress part at least till later in the story. It's interesting but not explained why she even wants a job apart from something to do away from WBY, but that's the whole problem is that she is made to do everything apart from them anyways. The only other things it did was make Yang wonder 'what happened to her stage fright' when WBY saw her perform and some cute scenes with Pyhrra. So unless it's idk to raise more money because of her increased weapon upkeep or to further bonds with other characters then it's not overly needed.

Ranting done so basically I'm looking forward to more so good luck.
9/23 c2 kept123
thanks for the chapter
9/21 c2 ethan.lukkar
Magnificent chapter can't wait for more please update soon
9/21 c2 np.lake101
So really enjoyed the chapter, however after reading the other reviews I do agree that you are coping and changing it abit. But I'm fine with it now if you just continue and don't copy anymore really cause most of is really want a neglect story that doesn't just get abandoned or just stops. So can't wait for the next chapter
9/20 c1 NianPoletech
NeoiluzaF dont update since november 2019 i hope this dont die in the 5 chapter
9/20 c2 Demolok
its still great keep it up
9/20 c2 uzzi455
oo i cannot wait for another chapter.
9/20 c2 1Arkadian97
I read this story copy or someother thing of another story but having read the other one I thinks this one is much better. Good job.
9/20 c2 42snoopykid
Awesome job! Looking forward to more soon
9/20 c2 RayD2Kill
Ok this fic is a poor attempt at copying Ruby Begins by NeoiluzaF. Key story beats are basically the same, Ruby hears her team talk shit about her along with JNPR and she decides to better herself though in Ruby Begins Pyrrha was on her side and helped her get better. The part about Yang trying to get Ruby to go to the carnival with them is even in Ruby Begins.

Here's the carnival part from RB: "Ruby, hang on a second," said Yang.

"What is it?" asked Ruby as she pulled out a pair of pyjama bottoms with heart patterns from her drawer.

Yang gave Ruby a big smile."There's this new carnival that just arrived in Vale. It's been a while since we hung out as a team. Let's go there tomorrow!"

Ruby nearly rolled her eyes. 'Oh sure, now you want me to hang out with you girls?' thought Ruby sourly. 'After weeks of ignoring me? Fat chance'. Ruby schooled her face into a neutral expression. "You go on without me." Ruby turned away from the WBY and headed towards the bathroom.

"W-w-what?!" Yang was flabbergasted. "But Rubes! It's Saturday tomorrow! The weekend! And you love carnivals!"

"I'm planning on studying tomorrow. Professor Goodwitch's test is coming up and I want to ace it."

"Ruby," interjected Weiss. "The test is on Thursday next week."

"Then I'd better get to studying as soon as I finished bathing." Ruby was getting annoyed. What was this? Twenty questions?

"Ruby, I want to ace Professor Goodwitch's test too." Weiss was growing more concern with Ruby's uncharacteristic behaviour. "But there's nothing wrong in relaxing a little and having some fun."

"Weren't you the one who always harps on me to be better in my studies?" Ruby had said those words venomously that Weiss was taken aback in shock. "Weren't you the one who said my grades were abysmal? Weren't you the one who keeps reminding me constantly that as team leader, I cannot afford to have bad grades?"

"N-now hold on a second, Ruby. I may be… a tad harsh on you sometimes but it's only because I know you can be better."

"If you haven't noticed, Weiss, my grades have been picking up. I've been studying a lot these days and I intend to keep it up. Now that I'm actually studying, you're telling me to slack off? In case you have forgotten, princess, I am the team leader. As team leader, it is my responsibility to make sure my grades is up to snuff and that I don't bring my team down with dismal performances. I am doing the best I can for the team. Not only that, I have to make sure the three of you don't slack off on your studies. So I suggest that you three better get to studying because Professor Goodwitch's tests aren't exactly child's play!"

"Ruby, Weiss doesn't mean it like that," Blake interrupted. "All she is saying is that it's ok take a break from studying. A day's break from studying would not affect your grades. Besides, it could be fun to spend some quality time with your team."

Ruby cocked an eyebrow in Blake's direction. "This coming from the antisocial member of Team RWBY?"

Blake blanched at Ruby's response. "I-I am NOT antisocial! I just value my personal time and space!"

"Blake, trying to get you to hang out is like pulling my own teeth out. Don't you remember when we first met? You clearly didn't want to be bothered from your reading and prefer to be by yourself."

"She's got you there, kitty cat," said Yang as Blake spluttered in denial. "Still, Rubes, it's the weekend! If not tomorrow, why not Sunday?'

"Sorry, Yang. I have plans of my own. You girls do what you want to do." Ruby was about to leave for the bathroom when Yang placed a hand on her shoulder.

"Ruby, I'll admit we haven't been spending time with each other and all but come on! It's the weekend! We should go out and have some fun."

Ruby sighed. "You don't need me to have fun. You three are doing well on your own."

Yang gasped. "Wha-! What's that supposed to mean? And what kind of plans do you have that you don't want to spend time with us? With me?"


This fanfic as I said is a poor attempt at copying Ruby Begins, the author is basically copying parts of key plot points and changing it up a bit, they do try to write some original content but in my opinion that's when it falls apart.

I guess the author could've been an impatient person was tired of waiting for NeoiluzaF to post new chapters since they update so infrequently so they tried to go at it themselves however poorly.

I'm just gonna stop reading this fanfic, it's cringy to read for me. I tried to stick it out but after seeing how much was being copied I didn't think it would be worth reading through this cringe if I could just go back to the original does much better.

9/20 c2 3StrawBoom
I'mma ask the real questions here.

How much is she making off birthdays? Cause if everything she got was with that, and she's been saving for years, it has to be a lot. She has to have had wanted to go out and get food or whatnot.

Also, why not have her make friends elsewhere? Like, they don't have to be fully fleshed out, but they could help build and show her character.

TLDR: BDay money how much? Why no friend? lol
9/20 c2 Burakkudaria
This is similar to other rwby neglected fics i've read but the authors stopped getting updated after a few chapters.

The Similarities:

-The WBY ditch Ruby for drinking time with JNPR.

-Ruby listensin on their conversations and has a revelation about her team and friends.

-Ruby gets stronger and has a negetive attitude towards those around her.

-Her attitude is noticed by the WBY and JNPR and they don't know the cause.

The - realization of what everyone has done - is something i've haven't read yet, because as i've earlier mentioned the authors stopped updating before it could happen or the authors failed to implemented in a way that catches the readers attention.

Keep updating and we're green.
9/20 c2 Heavyarms150
So i dont mean to accuse if its not true but this chapter seems almost like a copy paste of notice me ruby or a rose in pain i cant remember which but aside from ruby telling them to mind their buisness the conversation sounds the same nearly word for word.
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