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for An Unusual Run-In

10/2 c1 1LadyNoirEternal15
This needs a sequel.
9/29 c1 22leafgreenflower
This is an unusual perspective to have the house of cards fall down from, and I like it.
9/27 c1 55Animation Adventures
This might've been the quietest takedown you've ever written. I like it!

I like how Mrs. Rossi took the proactive approach after hearing two conflicting stories about her daughter's relationship with Adrien. She could've easily dismissed it as two lovers having a spat, but she thought critically about the specific things Adrien referred Lila as. She also took responsibility to clear the air with Lila's former classmates once the transfer was completed.

Thank you for making Damocles actually competent at his job for once.

Yeah, a regular school even if a strict one wouldn't be able to help Lila. She would need a special school to help with her warped perspective.
9/25 c1 2Silvanon of the Orchard
Great story, would certainly love to see this happen in canon.
9/18 c1 Guest
Fantastic! I don't think I've read another fic centered around Lila's mother, which is a shame because she's a very interesting, underdeveloped character. It seems impossible that she'd never notice anything strange about her daughter-or, say, watch the news or talk to other people so that she might realize there wasn't a months-long akuma. I especially like the revelation that Lila has been forging doctor's notes, since it makes the school seem slightly less incompetent than in canon and shows that she's got some common sense and doesn't simply tell outrageous lies with nothing to back them up.
9/18 c1 Guest
9/17 c1 Guest
Regularly or not, I always look forward to your updates! They are definitely worth the wait.
9/17 c1 LunaWolf44
Nice! Lila got her just desserts! But I feel bad about her mom, though!
9/18 c1 340RicardianScholar Clark-Weasley
Utterly perfect
9/18 c1 3Agiani
Great job!
A very realistic way to deal with Lila the liar.
9/18 c1 1Kkcats
I love this. This is amazing and I can't find the words to describe it. It's so realistic and it makes sense.
9/18 c1 4maryamm70
Lovely story!
9/18 c1 Tanus11
Ah seeing Lila getting her ass whopped in your stories never gets old
Well done on this story and thank you for sharing it
9/18 c1 6Daniel Letchford
YAY! I LOVED THIS! I'm a big fan of your work, and I really enjoyed this fic. I hope your summer job goes well and also you settling in well. I was hoping to see Marinette and Mrs. Rossi become friends or something, after Marinette forgave her and all that, but I really enjoyed this. Thank you!
9/17 c1 2Lily-Codie19
I felt closure in this. Thank you. I felt some tension every now and then but it all washed away when I see her realizing and doubting and I am so glad and relieved.

This was a good read. All the oneshots you've made are such good reads, thank you for writing. I hope you're doing well and taking care of yourself!
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