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for Fate: Their Mage

5/7 c11 AstralGemini
love the story so far
3/25 c11 silent blue rose
Thank you for this fic
3/20 c11 Ikaden
To add to the author's note fate has an interesting habit of modifying gender to suit heterosexual teenage pairings. Honestly it is more offensive that fate made both king arthur, mordred, merlin, jack the ripper, and captain hook female, than it is to characterize a traditionally nonbinary character as being capable of not only romantic love, but also having the capacity to empregnate someone that is both receptive and able as far as the story is concerned. Honestly I generally don't like stories that involve mpreg, or soulmates buti don't complain about it. Thus far I an just interested in enjoying a good story.
3/1 c11 1Shadow Wolf 15846
loved it!
2/18 c11 8Natsuyuuki
So... how about the dark lord then? is he even still alive?

Also... Thanks for Update! see ya!
2/16 c11 1FOAA
The author note made me snort. Seriously people write Enkidu as a girl so many times and I find that even more frustrating cause he, and I do use he, was originally a male. Like in the actual myth he is a male (he even had a beard). Seriously, I do understand using they/them for the fate ver. of him but also if people use the original gender then why be mad. Like just look into the myth! Seriously! He uses male pronouns! Seriously!

Anyways sorry, just it frustrates me that you were getting hate for that. Love your stories, thanks for the update!
2/16 c11 Pogs21
2/15 c11 deathwearsblack
great chapter.
2/15 c11 4JustAnotherMarvelFanGirl881
oh a great chapter
1/29 c10 Kurosaki Yukia
Oho! Things are getting tense! I can feel it building up!

Btw I LOVE that you make Gila dn Enki faint when they heard the news ahahhah strongest 2 people in old human history fainting hahahhaha it's such a funny image!
1/29 c8 Kurosaki Yukia
OMGGGGGG I'm soooo happy they're together now! I swear all of ur stories make me love any rendidition of Harry/Gilgamesh or Harry/Gilgamesh/Enkidu!

All because of you and I thank youuuuu they are wonderful together!
1/20 c10 8Natsuyuuki
sorry I'm late. just asking... Amara true Boy Who Lives, right?

Also... it's look like Padfoot and Moony get grandchildren early XD

thanks for update. see ya!
1/20 c10 1Shadow Wolf 15846
lol! the reactions where the best I reckon. cant wait for the next chapter.
1/19 c10 deathwearsblack
great chapters.
1/18 c10 123
Could Kirei be from a cast-off Black and not managing the madness well?
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