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7/15 c6 QuaZorKi
I'll be here... waiting...
6/21/2021 c1 AuthorOfTheFall
I agree with pretty much all the points you mentioned in your afternote. I love the way you've captured the characters thus far. You've earned a favorite
12/21/2020 c5 travissewardjak
will metalhead skulljems be used for any thing like power increases for jak
11/12/2020 c6 3zeldawolffang
quality of quantity is always good :D
11/12/2020 c5 zeldawolffang
This is pretty good
10/30/2020 c5 razmire
So Metalheads are in this story as well, and judging by the reactions of Ruby, Ren and Nora, Metalheads aren’t common knowledge. Though something tells me that Ozpin has at least heard of them, if not dealt with them himself.
I can’t help but wonder, are Metalheads the only enemies from the Jak and Daxter games that will be brought into this story, or will there be others like the Krimzon Guard or KG Death Bots? Not to mention if villains such as Krew, Erol or Kor will be included. I suppose I’m just going to have to wait and see.
Looking forward to the next chapter.
10/30/2020 c5 2Lechain
It would be fun to see jak hang out with Neo. The two mutes would hit it off really fast. Easy to laigh seeing them have conversations no one but Daxter and Torchwick would understand. If you would pair them though it would only make sense for the jak 2 version unfortunatly.
10/19/2020 c4 razmire
Despite Daxter being himself, he did actually give some good advice. Whether that advice is enough to get Jaune a girlfriend, that remains to be seen. It may help with Pyrrha but other than her...
10/16/2020 c3 razmire
Unless I’m mistaken, it seems that Dust could very well be Eco in crystal form. If so, then that means that Jak could experience some new abilities depending on what Dust he channels.
So it appears that like the beginning of the second game, Jak has been sent far into the future, although this time he isn’t being captured and experimented on. I’m presuming that means that everyone in this story has long ears like him, and thus why there hasn’t been any reactions towards that subject.
10/15/2020 c3 1ThatCup
Like it so far! I wonder how things like dark eco are going to used.
10/15/2020 c3 ishygddt456
Always been a big fan of Jak and Daxter, look forward to where this goes!
10/5/2020 c2 Guest
The story seem very interesting, can’t wait to read more.
10/5/2020 c2 Guest
This look very good
10/4/2020 c2 razmire
This was a great chapter, but there were two things that confused me. The first is why nobody reacted to the length of Jak’s ears, or him not finding it strange that everybody’s ears were different to his. The second is that as an eco channeler, Jak can use eco but can’t generate it himself. So how was he able to use red eco during the fight when there presumably wasn’t any to use?
10/2/2020 c2 2Lechain
For one im pretty sure Goodwitch's glare would rank an 8 on Jak's scale for intimidating stares ( no one beats Samos) , two Daxter being a wingman to Jaune will not net him Weiss, third? What elements will Jak use in order to use eco powers? Because i did not get how he used the red one. And 4th please don't make him buy everything ozpin says ( also keep him a mute for as long as possible) Samos did not raise him to be so gullible. As far as weapons go. A staff or a set of gloves and greaves would suit him without guns
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