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for If They Survive: The 101st Hunger Games

1/8/2021 c9 5Revenant12
You did well given what ever amount you got around too. I loved your writing and I'm sadden this will not be finshed. But your health comes first, as a fellow writer I know the strain is serious. Please take care most importantly, the hunger games aren't going anywhere. And if and when you return. We will be waiting with open arms. Take of yourself, we'll miss you severely. Best of luck kid!
1/8/2021 c9 2averyrandomauthor
Hey Trish, you're an amazing person and your health matters way more than a story ever could. I'm glad you aren't forcing yourself to continue, and take care! If you ever decide to start another story when you feel better, I'll be there to sub. If you ever need to talk, my dms and pms are always open. You're still a queen no matter what.
Marie's twin
1/8/2021 c9 2Willuna
i hope you are doing ok. i am sad that you aren’t continuing this but i’m glad that you aren’t forcing yourself to write when you aren’t feeling up to it. stay safe and don’t do anything stupid
1/8/2021 c9 5Marie464
Do what is best for your health! You're an amazing writing but your mental health matters waaaay more than any story could possibly. Noooo don't be upset about abandoning this story, of course I didn't sub, but I care about you Trish and don't feel like you're giving up on your readers. You're doing what's best for you, that's all you can do. I really hope your mental health gets better and my Pm/Dms are alway open if you need to talk/vent. Your journey was great and I think you did amazing with thee characters. You're one of the freaking best internet sisters I could have an I love you so much Trish. You're alway there for everyone else, a sheer positive force in the SYOT/ Wapapapjppapap family so when you take time for yourself we're all here for you! You did great with these kids, I've read this story even though I didn't sub, and it was stunning. Trish Trish Trish (I have a weird thing of repeating names three times oops xd, just read the ashes epilogues if you don't believe me xd) You. Are. Not. Letting. Anyone. Down. You're proerizing your health and that's what matters :)).
If you do chose to continue the fic I'm sure it will be freaking fantastic and stunning but if you don't, that's perfectly fine. You're doing you and that's all that matters. Like I said earlier, your health matters waaaay freaking more than this story. No you, thank you for writing an amazing fic and having the courage to stop when you know it's not working for you. You're amazing for putting your health above the story and not just pushing on when you feel like crap! Trish you're always so freaking wonderful, stunning, lively, positive, awesome, amazing and freaking one of the greatest people put there. You'll always be in my heart as my little sister :insert heart emoji without knife I swear: and I absolutly love you. Just to say it again- I really hope your mental health goes up from here but if not or you need someone to talk to or vent, I'm here.
I'm sorry about how short this review is, there's much more I could've said but I have to go. I have my science lecture butttttt queen shit! You're so fucking amazing Trish. Don't ever forget that.
~Also I'm not proofreading before I post so there's probably spelling errors in here and parts that make no sense but do I care? no.~
Love you queen,
Raf's stabby *not Smol* twin
(Also if you say no you to anything I've said I will fly out to where u live -not saying exactly where due to privacy reasons- and stab you with bra knives) ACCEPT YOUR QUEEN SHITNESS OR FACE THE CONCEQUECES.
12/26/2020 c1 Discord SYOT Verses
Hi Trish!

I love the idea of Viktor Swan (such a perfect name, btw), making an Arena of rain which is heavily ironic to the droughts of the Districts; I mean, it’s truly one hell of a statement and torture. And now, I think I shall be conducting this review by talking a bit about our tributes!

Truman. Oh god he’s entertaining LMAO. Beheaded? I am getting HEAVY Henry VIII vibes. In the best way, because I know Mr. Truman will die in quite possibly the most entertaining way ever.

Cyrus is super interesting - his father’s from the Capitol? Oh wow! And honestly, reading about him was so entertaining to me: his father’s mannerisms were so funny. “This is called a ‘burger’, Cyrus” had me in stitchesss. And his motivations were so interesting to me: “I’m coming home”, and you just /know/ that he’s going to be hit with the reality of the Games.

Amber… poor her. She has one hell of a backstory and a lot of her intrigues me. How her anger overtakes her; how she clearly has issues she needs to work through, and what comes through so powerfully is her guilt, because she feels that her punishment from her abusive father is almost deserved. “With pain hidden in every syllable” is such a wonderful description, which I adored. And the imagery of a “cuckoo clock” is also honestly quite perfect in its connotations of madness; very well done, Trish.

Rune. :c She makes me sad; she’s just a really sweet girl that deserves a lot better than the Games. And that scene with her sister wanting to volunteer for her but not being able to truly broke my heart.

Marilyn is a manipulator… especially with Axel… that is very interesting. I like her snark; I think the District 1s are indeed quite interesting this year, particularly with Osmium, too. He has too much loyalty to his friend… he’s almost resigned to volunteering, honestly, and that makes me feel bad for him. But like… omg dude, he’s using you!

Thorn and Adah are quite an interesting pair; I very much enjoyed how you’ve written them, and I feel like that here is where the switch between POVs is particularly effective, because both of their insecurities were highlighted—if in different ways. Thorn feels worthless and better off dead; Adah feels worthless, too, but because of her body. I do want them to ally, because I think they’ll be a very dynamic duo together.

Finally, the District 2s! I like that they’re both doing it for their siblings, if for different reasons. I hope they become friends - that would be so perfect. Thraxen had captured my interest immediately… I enjoy the psychology of disabled/neurodivergent kids a lot, because they provide an ample opportunity for well-done exploration. And especially for Career kids too.

And can I just say? The power in this line? “I am Azure Lazulite. And I’m going to get revenge.” Was absolutely perfect.

Overall, Trish, I really enjoyed this! As for critique, although I really enjoy the apt and consise intros you give for tributes (which get into the heart of them!) I think that there is room for exploring a bit more about them, and their motivations, in a more indirect way. You embody their personalities really well (I think especially in Adah and her angry screams/meltdowns, and wanting control), and I think that there’s room to capitalise on that and strengthen them some more! Touching on sensual/smell descriptions always helps too, especially in elevating the atmosphere that you bring a reader - you use such descriptions really well already (such as the “soft breeze caressing Adah’s face”), and I encourage you to use more! :)

Thank you so much for writing, and participating!
12/18/2020 c8 5eik ndn5
I loved this chapter and I think the charecters are very interesting, can't wait for the next one.
12/6/2020 c1 Secret Santa
I just have to say that overall, i love this story. i’m glad you got done with exams cuz now we can really get into it! I like both tributes from district ten and am excited to see mine get written. I really like how you switch POVs during chapters as it makes for a more unique and interesting format. maybe the POVs could be a little bit longer but overall this is great!
12/8/2020 c8 4adoxographyy
Hi Trish! Finally got around to reviewing.

I always love the D2 female, and Azu definitely intrigued me with her whole “revenge” statement. Maybe she had a previous relative die in the Games and will take it out on whatever district that kid is from? She’ll definitely be a force to be reckoned with but something makes me think that she’ll be so overwhelmed by wanting revenge in the end that it’ll cause her to make a few mistakes and die.

Thraxen: a blind Career? He must have incredible determination, because the Career academy would be reluctant to let anyone represent them in the Games that appears as even remotely weak, and he must be very skilled too. His internal debate about trusting Azu definitely gave us a sense of who he is. How I think the Capitol will respond? Well now I know they will respond because you said so ;) . Anyways, Thraxen is a really cool tribute!

Absolutely Awesome: Azu, Thraxen
Adore: Amber, Marilyn
Like: Betty, Rune, Os, Adah
Neutral: Sylvia, Truman, Thorne
Dislike: Cyrus
12/7/2020 c8 1RubyTree7
I missed your writing Trish! And thanks for the mention, you’re amazing!
The tributes in this chapter are really interesting. You’ve got some nice interest and suspense building there which I am so excited to see! Thraxen being blind but also very talented is great and I love him. I also love Azu. She’s just a queen.
Great job!
12/6/2020 c8 27Firedawn'd
heyy trish! just wanted to pop in and say, first of all, HEAVY congrats on escaping syot jail! and the second thing i wanted to say was that this chapter was super well written; i loved how you wrote azu and thraxen, as a blind career, is certainly very interesting! thank you so much for the shoutout, youre genuinely even more amazing of a person. thank you so much for writing and we're so glad to have you here with all of us (:
12/6/2020 c8 3wiifan2002
Well this is different you don't usually see too many blind tributes so Thraxen is very interesting. However I don't think the capital is really going to think much of him or sponsor him that much. Azu is also very interesting and I wonder what she wants revenge on. I guess I'll just wait and see. Can't wait for the next chapter.
12/6/2020 c8 22faithhopelove23
Awesome chapter! I really like Azure! She seems like she could make it far but I also think Thraxen could make it far as well! You know he could probably use his blindness to his advantage in the arena!

I’m thinking the Capitol won’t sponsor him as much as Azure, but I could be wrong.

Thanks for updating! I hope we can have another chapter soon!
11/15/2020 c7 2averyrandomauthor
1) Hmm, I don't think they will ally tbh, based on Thorne's POV, but who knows, anything can happen and they might form an alliance in the future if something happens
2) I prefer Adah, she's more realistic and I like her backstory. In a way, I think there would be quite a few who would be able to relate to some of her troubles.
3) I normally reserve judgement until I see all the tributes, but I'd say Thorne will survive the bb. As for Adah, I think she might too
11/6/2020 c7 2Willuna
I feel bad for Thorne and Adah. I don't think they'll ally based on thornes judgement of her. I prefer Adah because I just do idk why. I feel like thorne is more likely to make it out of the bb but idk if either will. Thorne probably will.
10/26/2020 c3 8My-Mental-Mind
Okay, we stan D6, and I'm here to drop a review in your inbox, I hope you don't mind!

This was lovely writing! You've got a very clear sense of characterisation with the tributes and I can tell they've got distinct personalities. You have a good sense of pace between tributes and you know where to put people and how they might react. You wrote almost like flashes of the day rather than one continuous POV and that's different and interesting since most writers tend to do one long POV, myself included.

Sylvia seemed really sweet, with Symphony and Alphe being quite close to her and they were completely wholesome! The scene at the beginning made me want pancakes? Why idk, but it did. Cyrus was a little arrogant so I didn't take to him, but he seems quite the cocky volunteer. His Dad made me laugh with his interviewer impression. I like how he was tapping his foot impatiently LOL.
Rye, the escort, how rebellious! Honestly though, love that.

I think this was a solid chapter! The way you presented the characters was succinct and clear. I think perhaps my only nitpick is descriptions - I think that you could always work to include more character thought and describing their surroundings, but honestly that's up to you. Keep doing what you're doing, this is good!

Over and out!
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