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for High Speed Fluff

9/21 c1 6SciFiGirl88
This made me laugh so much! At least Dizzy didn't grow wings!
9/19 c1 biancaruth
As someone who has cared for toddlers and preschoolers the team have my sympathies.
9/18 c1 1FranArian
9/18 c1 I love Janto
Red Bull and coffee with a baby fluff. Not a good idea. No wonder Dizzy is speeding.
The team will have to be more care full from now on.
Dizzy just has to crash.
9/18 c1 grobbebol
fluff on steriods, oh goody ;-)
9/18 c1 20DarqueQueen7
Poor Dizzy! No Red Bull for Flifflets. Like No Feedings Migwai after Midnight. D.

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