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1/29 c13 5chemrunner57
Replying to Mephistopheles:

Sorry the story wasn't quite up to your expectations, but unfortunately I'm not that good.

I invite you to write the story that you want!

Thanks for the review
1/29 c13 Mephistopheles
Over all I’d say I’m a bit underwhelmed at the ending. Your story idea has the potential to be a really good medium length fic about the progression of Ron and Luna’s relationship, whilst Hermione desperately tries to show Ron her true feelings. The ending was nice, if a bit campy. I felt as if Ron would’ve had more inner turmoil over Hermione rejecting him, and then showing a more in depth change whilst healing with Luna. All in all, a good idea, just not exactly executed to its full potential. Hopefully we can see for Ron/Luna and other alternative ships for Ron.
1/27 c12 16AzureAlquimista
The end was a bit too fast, but good.

Very good fic...

Although as a good Romione shipper (lol), I think in the end, Luna and Ron wouldn't stay together for too long. Luna would want to travel the world, look for unknown animals, etc... and Ron will be working as an Auror... So...
And, honestly, I think Luna is sweet... Too sweet for Ron. I think two or three years in the future, they would realise that their relationship was good and healthy but they don't need each other anymore.

Maybe if Hermione really has matured, and love Ron... And wait for her chance...
1/26 c12 Guest
As another reviewer also mentioned, I too thought this was going to be longer. I actually thought it might have been romione endgame, but I am not too deeply disappointed with Ron/Luna. However, I do think this story has a lot of potential as just a Ron/Luna fic. I did not really see a love triangle (or angle) really progress in the story. It added a bit of angst at the beginning and the end, but overall was a Ron/Luna fic. Well, it is as a stand alone. I am not too sure what your upcoming plans may be with continuing this storyline or not. But in any case, I enjoyed this story and look forward to any future projects you may have.
1/26 c12 Eamon W.J. Dawes
Was that the end? I mean if it was then it was a nice little story. I was just expecting it to be like Hermione would come back, and it would follow her attempts at trying to get with Ron. I’d it truly is the end, I hope you do more stories of the Ron and Luna pairing.
1/26 c12 maxisaraviamgs
Termina acá? O sigue? Habrá futuro? Seguirá ron con luna o habrá un giro en la historia? No dejaste ni una pista que me dejas muchas incógnita.
Éxitos y fuerza
1/16 c11 AzureAlquimista
transition chapter, but good.

Waiting for the next chapter!
1/16 c10 AzureAlquimista
Ron and Luna sweetly together, and Hermione still missing...

1/11 c11 maxisaraviamgs
Increíble,me alegra la evolución de ron y luna y me sorprendió este aspecto de Hermione de posesividad. Esta es una de esas historias que no querés saber el final pero lo querés leer porque te mata la incertidumbre.
Yo me hago la pregunta,que ocurrirá con Hermione?
Volverán algun futuro?
Ron formará una familia con luna?
Tendrá una relación poligamia con luna y Hermione?
1/7 c11 2QHLuver
Love Ron and Luna! Much needed fluff chapter after watching the news in the US yesterday.
1/6 c11 Arissan
Super, contente de vous retrouver avec un chapitre si doux. Merci.
1/6 c11 Eamon W.J. Dawes
I’ve binge read your story, and I love it. I do hope you continue with it. The Ron and Luna pairing already has so few works to its name. I am not ready for Hermione to ruin things.
12/23/2020 c10 ashish123
Very happy to see the new update... Its great to see you again. As for the story,the Yule ball was wonderful and the chemistry between Ron and Luna is perfect..
Glad to see new Auror Ron. The chapter was really beautiful. Looking forward to your next chapters...
12/2/2020 c7 ashish123
Thanks for the wonderful story. I read all the chapters again and looking forward when Ron meets luna at Yule ball. I like how Ron is matured but yet still the the same funny Ron. Looking forward when he meets Hermione at Hogwarts. I really like realtionship between Ron and Luna and how maturely he is handling it. It really is a wonderful story and eagerly waiting for your next chapters... Please continue with the good work.. hoping to see an update soon.
11/20/2020 c8 ashish123
Simply sensational the way Ron matures with each chapter. Eagerly waiting for your next chapters...
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