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for Five Moments of Feeling

10/21 c1 18The Pygairian
This is great! I look forward to the next chapter!
10/5 c1 Eclectic Me
Oh, I love this story, and welcome to the fandom! Data is one of my favorite characters throughout Trek, and I've also always felt him to have everything he needs, even without the chip. I only saw Generations once, so I don't remember everything about the chip, but I did feel it was awkward. I may have been a bit dismissive toward Data though the first time I watched TNG all the way through, well-intentioned though I may have been. It got to where every time someone would make some comment attributing some feeling to him and he would answer, "I am incapable of feeling -," I would say, "you really don't expect us to believe that anymore, do you?" That may have been oversimplifying it, and other areas of Trek and fans have taught me not to apply my own human perspectives to other races. Try to understand them by their standards instead of mine. Anyway, I suppose I'm starting to ramble. Thanks for sharing this story and your fan experience!
9/26 c1 Banette
That's really really cute! I hope there will be more!
9/26 c1 Guest
That's really cute. I'm looking forward to the next one!

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