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for Cut Off

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This story seemed to have a lot of promise to me, in terms of exploring Naveen's privileged life that left him completely unable to cope on his own when he was cut off. However, all this really does is scrape the surface of that. Just when we are about to feel sorry for Naveen or have some special sympathy or understanding for him, the narrative distances himself towards making him so confident that even cutting him off does nothing to challenge him as a character.

The writing style is flat, with sentences that are constructed in ways that are not even grammatically correct. ("They couldn't believe at what they saw" and "The little boy went off for the stairs.") The scene transitions are also awkward. It never feels as if we are really listening to the characters talk, either, as the dialogue is bland and filled with awkward attempts at comedy that sound like they have been ripped from a teenage sitcom.

But the biggest issue I have is that the story is fundamentally on auto-pilot. All it does is basically describe events that happened before the film that we were already aware of, which is a shame when you consider how much potential the film has. I'd love to see what this would look like if it were re-written, to showcase more emotional depth.

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