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for Fletch’s cancer

9/19 c1 32IseultLaBelle
Ahhhh we needed this scene and we were robbed of it, I’m so glad you wrote your interpretation! I love the mixture of Ange’s dialogue and her internal thoughts, the first person viewpoint made it such an interesting perspective. I’m so so so excited to see how you write Ange and Chloe too I would LOVE to see this! Please keep writing!
9/19 c1 1ohmygodard
It’s so interesting to read this from Ange’s perspective, and just to see the scene since we were ROBBED of in the actual show! The shorter sentences was an interesting structure which felt slightly more disjointed like I imagine Ange (and Fletch’s) thoughts would be, so it worked really well for this story. Excited for the Ange and Chloe story you’re planning, can’t wait to read it!
9/19 c1 1hc-fletchard
This is honestly so heartbreaking. I wondered what happened after the episode aired and this just makes it real. I love it so much.

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