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2/23 c1 ErinMichelle83
Absolutely beautiful. The development of the relationship was very real. Thank you so much for sharing
2/22 c37 pwrmom2
Loved it
2/18 c37 emjay59
Simply perfect. Thank you.
2/15 c6 emjay59
Thank you for this story.
2/11 c37 25scarlettcat
Loved this! Thanks so much for sharing!
2/2 c37 Jaem1228
I've loved being on the journey with you. Thank you for sharing your beautiful story with us.
1/26 c37 Guest
Worth the wait! Thanks for the beautiful story!
1/15 c37 SnapeAddict74
I've actually loved the longer journey because I've re-read it often. This one will be on my favourite list
1/12 c37 2SpSt
I ugly cried though alot of this, but thank you for finishing.
1/11 c37 whenthesnowmelts
What am I to do now that this story is at its end? Besides hoping you get more of your just praises from others. I look forward to reading any writings of yours in the future. But please, take a break in the meantime. You very much deserve it.

All my beat wishes,
whenthesnowmelts xoxox
1/11 c37 whenthesnowmelts
I am distraught. I haven't cried from a fanfic since 2017-2018 when I read a fic that I cant remember and they killed off an OC. My f**king heartstrings, man. I LOVE this. I LOVE your writing. I am left in awe. Seriously.
1/11 c37 3Karatekid-Ninja
Aww what a sweet chapter. I love the proposal it was so them. Great job and can’t wait for more xx
1/8 c37 1ashleighmarauder
Wonderfully written, thank you for sharing this! I enjoyed every moment.
1/8 c37 Sue Roe
An outstanding story! I have never read an HP where Harry actually died, but you brought it off very well.
1/8 c1 LoveInTheBattleField
Great story.
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