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for Advanced Floriography

9/20 c37 17Fher34
Wow, I am absolutely blown away by this story. It was so, so good! With each chapter, I wanted more (I couldn't stop reading!) but simultaneously dreaded the end. Ah, what a marvelous sorrow it was to know there was an end and that our favorite characters had found such a satisfying conclusion. It's been a while since a story captivated me so deeply. The language of flowers, a very down to earth Severus, apprentice Hermoine, Crooks and Severus bonding, and Luna shinning so brightly as a supporting character. Wow. I seriously couldn't get enough.
I loved all the emotions and details that went into this wonderful and enthralling project of yours! Uuuugh, if only we could have fanfiction of the fanfiction itself hahaha. I send love and hugs your way! Thank you so much for writing Advanced Floriography! It is truly a memorable piece of writing!
8/26 c37 4Eoz Moon
Loved this so so sooo much!
7/19 c37 12Elliania
what a masterpiece. thank you for sharing your words with us. I enjoyed it so much!

7/10 c6 SS AvidAuror
I loved this chapter and the fact that you are diving deeper into the characters and what they feel. Snape questioning if he is good provides some great insight, but I wonder as well if you are part of a war, is anyone truly good anymore when everything being done including harm to others, is for the greater good. No one can walk away feeling good or unscathed even if your side wins as you do give up pieces of yourself.

Brilliant how you weaved in the confundus from the book with your story here!
6/17 c31 Guest
Harry died :(
5/15 c37 natt123
Beautiful story
4/3 c37 4Angeltsuki
It was fantastic! Thank you.
2/23 c1 ErinMichelle83
Absolutely beautiful. The development of the relationship was very real. Thank you so much for sharing
2/22 c37 pwrmom2
Loved it
2/18 c37 emjay59
Simply perfect. Thank you.
2/15 c6 emjay59
Thank you for this story.
2/11 c37 25scarlettcat
Loved this! Thanks so much for sharing!
2/2 c37 Jaem1228
I've loved being on the journey with you. Thank you for sharing your beautiful story with us.
1/26 c37 Guest
Worth the wait! Thanks for the beautiful story!
1/15 c37 SnapeAddict74
I've actually loved the longer journey because I've re-read it often. This one will be on my favourite list
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