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11/16/2022 c31 3Karatekid-Ninja
Really good chapter! I both want them to stop circling around one another and just admit their feelings and to watch them continue the same way. Can’t wait for more xx
11/15/2022 c31 DarthLeia19
I almost cried reading this chapter so sad but at least our love birds are happy
11/15/2022 c31 1gymnopedie
My heart is so on edge! ("Tell him/her that you love him/her, dammit!")

And I loved the line about Severus not being able to keep himself from looking gift horses in the mouth. Yes, that fits him to a T :)
11/15/2022 c31 Vaila
This was sooo great chapter! Thank you. Please continue on with the story after the war. Do not finish it soon. It will be such a loss and you have ideas. The only sad thing is that Harry is dead in this story but... this is the story.
11/15/2022 c31 kelsiecb
Oh my gods if these two don’t manage to communicate their feelings in the next chapter or something I am going to actually combust lol
11/13/2022 c30 DarthLeia19
Oh no Severus needs help and nobody besides the golden trio know where he is injured
11/9/2022 c30 smithback
11/9/2022 c30 2TimeRose
I think that was a better ending to the battle than the oringal well done
11/8/2022 c29 9Nerd Mom Writer
Wow! We're nearly done! I'll miss this fic when we get there. Thanks for the update!
11/8/2022 c30 1gymnopedie
Ah, the suspense! Very creative remix of canon and your own version. I'm now curious if the Hallows get abandoned altogether or if they'll make a reappearance. Hmmmmm...
11/8/2022 c29 gymnopedie
So glad to see updates on this story! I'd started it a while back and had to review some of the recent chapters to get myself reacquainted and really appreciate your writing, as well as your versions of these characters. The Christmas respite while Hermione recovers was so very poignant. Look forward to seeing how this comes to a close. Thank you!
11/8/2022 c30 3Karatekid-Ninja
Really interesting chapter! I really like your take on the memories and what happens after. Can’t wait for more xx
11/8/2022 c30 5Trouble and she knows it
So excited to read more!
11/6/2022 c29 2Lucyole
amazing chapter, really sometime I want to slap Harry but at least he trust Hermione with what she is saying he soon will find out that is was all Dumbledores plan and he was the whole time just a pawn for him, Hermione hopefully saved Severus life he really deserves a happy and peaceful life after all the crap he had gone trough in his life. More please *cookies for inspiration and the good work*
11/3/2022 c29 GuestMG
Another great chapter!
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