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11/2/2022 c29 167Smithback
11/2/2022 c29 severuscloak
im so hooked on this story, can’t wait to read what happens afterwards! (please don’t let severus die though)
11/2/2022 c29 Guest
More please
11/2/2022 c29 3Karatekid-Ninja
Really enjoyed this chapter. Especially the boys finally finding out who Hermione’s contact was. Great job and I can’t wait for more xx
11/2/2022 c29 Vaila
This is a great story!
But as usual it will end after the Final all stories are either before or after the battle and it is a little bit anoying. Why would you stop here ... you can continue on and write a sequel! Right? And why not?! It will circle on the relationship between Severus and Hermione after the war. Think about it! You can even write the first chapter before you finish this story and leed us to continue on after the end of this one.
11/1/2022 c29 5Trouble and she knows it
So excited to read more!
11/1/2022 c29 DarthLeia19
Yes Severus killed that snake and hope Hermione could save him
10/31/2022 c28 Guest
Great update! I really love where this story is going!
10/28/2022 c28 2Lucyole
A good chapter very interesting I love Luna and Hermione rather wants her around and is a bit exasperated at Harry and his belief in Dumbledore and their mission honestly if he would have trusted some if the adults with it they could have found some of the Horcrux's much sooner. Harry truly gets a bit on my nerves and Ron to with the irresponsibility. Good work more please *cookies for inspiration and the great work*
10/25/2022 c28 violetvioletskies
Thabks for this amazing story! Luna is written so well! Can't wait for the next update :)
10/24/2022 c28 3Karatekid-Ninja
Really interesting chapter, I enjoyed having Luna with the group it changed up the dynamics a little which was nice to see. Can’t wait for more xx
10/22/2022 c28 GuestMG
SO glad you're back! I love this story and the nuances in their growing relationship
10/21/2022 c28 Giraffe6
I love Luna’s pov she is such a great character. It’s been wonderful coming back to this story, looking forward to the next chapter.
10/20/2022 c28 2TimeRose
Love this story! Why was Ron hunched over?
10/20/2022 c28 smithback
thankyou so much for updating

and with this so awesome chapter

exciting nice and interesting

loved it
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