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10/20/2022 c1 Giraffe6
I’m so excited to see an update! Starting at the beginning again and forgot how much I loved this. Settling down for a highly unproductive day of tea and reading whilst the kids are at school. Fabulous
10/19/2022 c28 DarthLeia19
Glad you are back and lovely chapter
7/10/2022 c27 Guest
Love this story so far, can't wait to see what happens next
7/6/2022 c27 Pixiegyrl23
This story is excellent! I cannot wait for the next update. But please. Dont kill Severus!
6/20/2022 c27 2Spriggan
I love this story. Love the slow developing romance and intrigue. The violence gets to me, so I skim those parts, though no doubt they are just as well written. Can't wait for the next chapter!
6/16/2022 c27 tarablackthorn
This is a wonderful story, great plotline and very well written! I'm eager to read more!
6/14/2022 c27 badwolffor3ver
omg I've just found this story and absolutely love it! hope you feel better soon. cant wait for the next one !
6/1/2022 c27 3Karatekid-Ninja
Really enjoyed this chapter and can’t wait for more xx
5/31/2022 c27 2Lucyole
Great story rea interesting, dramatic and sweet. I like the slow falling or acknowledge of their feelings for each other even when they both denied it to the self or think it foolish for various reasons. I hope it will be a happy end. Luna is amazing she is my 2 favorite female character after Hermione. More please *cookies for inspiration and the great work*
5/25/2022 c27 DarthLeia19
Sad Hermione got her heart hurt again by a memory and glad Luna is helping her to keep a big secret Lol. Hopefully Severus can get less stress soon
5/25/2022 c27 WiseFly
waiting with baited breath, so close and yet... so much to hope for
i love this story
5/25/2022 c26 WiseFly
i have to #squeeeee at this chap.. excellent
5/25/2022 c27 EmilyRickman
Thank goodness for Luna and her perceptive qualities! Glad you're feeling better and can't wait for the next update!
5/25/2022 c27 GuestMG
Hope you're feeling better author! I love your writing and thank you for another wonderful chapter!
5/25/2022 c27 2NovaMater
I am so grateful for a new chapter! This is a great story, and I am really enjoying it!
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