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5/24/2022 c27 Guest
Yay! Thank you for the update.
5/24/2022 c27 5Same as Smithback
get better and thanks for the awesome chap
5/24/2022 c27 drasticactions
hope your fatigue gets better soon.
5/24/2022 c27 chelinee27
finally updated, im really looking forward for you to finish this story, please dont abandon this story.. i really love to read this story keep up the good work and good luck to you
5/11/2022 c26 5Debate4life
4/23/2022 c26 2Lisa Ravenclaw
I have truly fallen in love with this story. I love the pacing and that you keep both Hermione and Severus in character. The recurring theme of the flower symbolism is such a great idea. Aaaah, I can’t wait to read more!
4/12/2022 c26 6xcgirl08
It’s been 84 years since I signed into this account (okay, maybe more like seven), but I did it for the purpose of subscribing to this story and leaving a review because HOLY MOLY, what an experience. I’ve been feverishly reading it since yesterday and my memories of the HP books have blurred enough by now that I remember the canon you’re interweaving, but the details are all fresh as they come.

One of the appeals of this pairing for me is in the way its really talented authors develop it as Hermione discovering someone who is her intellectual equal, someone who can think in pace with her rather than following after her ideas, and then opening herself up to him as a human being; it’s been a delight to watch Hermione through this, and she’s been so stupendously in-character every step of the way. Love, love the persisting detail of the hyacinth, and I smirked at Ron’s revelation of what the mirror compact signifies.

And as for Severus, I’m always an utter fool for stories where I get to watch a man who believes himself unloved and unlovable have all his presumptions proven wrong so that he can completely fall apart at the seams (in the best way possible), and I truly cannot wait to see what happens next. Thank you for the excellent read.
4/11/2022 c26 F.maiden
I love this so much, and I adore the pacing. It's not to fast, where I have to reread for details, or so slow I'm skipping ahead and missing things(darn adhd). I especially loved this chapter. And am so happy I discovered this, to wait on this "note" 3
4/11/2022 c26 7Flye Autumne
I just discovered this fic today and immediately read the whole thing - really really great writing! Finding this made my day :) Excited to see what you have in store.
4/11/2022 c1 3Karatekid-Ninja
Really enjoyed this chapter and I can’t wait for more updates xx
4/7/2022 c26 On the bridge
This story has ruined me, please update soon!
3/31/2022 c26 2TimeRose
Absolutely love this story
3/28/2022 c26 DarthLeia19
Aww, this chapter was so sweet. Hopefully, Severus makes the right choice
3/28/2022 c26 potionsmistress394
I was so excited to see you’d updated your story I absolutely just had read it from the beginning again just so I can relive all the emotions! I love the development of their feelings for each other, how you’re keeping with the theme of story and having the sprinkle of plant and flower meanings, and it’s honestly well written. I cannot wait for the next chapter!
3/28/2022 c26 rere97maui
Awwww the feels in this chapter...I'm loving it. :)
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