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2/1/2022 c3
Will this story still update again in the future. Would like to read more
10/6/2021 c3 VtrCst
HI! great start and really interesting choice of parent ;)
although it would have been really interesting to see a blind jump onto Shinto or Celtic pantheon
10/2/2021 c2 Brandon Boodoo
Your Mc got INT wrong... he has 7 when it should be 1 for cursing at EVERYTHING.
8/7/2021 c2 edoabb
How is an observe level one giving so much information?
6/23/2021 c3 7uflesh940
This is so good! Where's chapter 4
4/25/2021 c3 RFennekin
I really Enjoyed reading this book I hoped that you made it longer.
4/25/2021 c3 RFennekin
I really like this book
4/24/2021 c3 4Peopleperson2406
Please update this! *puppy dog eyes*
3/31/2021 c1 Alrain
Dude, your si sucks as he sounds nothing but annoying in the 1st chapter, couldn't do something else then making him cuss constantly?
2/25/2021 c3 PrimeSpectre
So is this dropped ? If not WHEN'S THE NEXT UPDATE ?
11/15/2020 c3 1WhiteWolf65
Very good
11/5/2020 c2 MillieBelle
So is Hestia his mom? That would make sense since she's the goddess of the hearth
10/30/2020 c3 adam110902
good story
10/28/2020 c2 Mckenray
Hestia being the parent does not inspire confidence in me that the Mc's life will be anything but hellish, especially depending on the way he was concepted.
10/9/2020 c3 ignacionicolasdiaz109
I look forward to more (and to know what benefits and abilities it has)
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