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for Fate and Dumbledore's Mistake

5/4 c25 Vampire207343
Lease update
3/6 c25 DannyPhantom15
please update soon
2/9 c25 8Natsuyuuki
ahh... why not Amani/Harry ask Zelretch to help them to destroy the Potters?
1/13 c25 1Shadow Wolf 15846
1/13 c25 AngelSwordlove
Hi, I love this story and can't wait for the next part. I read more times from the start that I can remember and can't wait to see how will conntinuen the Holy Grail War and when Amani and Nakia meet Dumbledore and their former parent's and brother, and what will Gilgamesh and Enkidu will do with them.
I love the Amani x Gilgamesh and Nakia x Enkidu pair1s they my favourite. But I also like the Ethan x Lancer pair. I'm interested if you will pai Waver with Rider. ANd I sincerely hope that you will pair Saber/Arthur with Shirou or FemShirou.
(Sorry if my post incorrect English is not my native language.)
1/10 c25 Pogs21
1/9 c25 Rosa
Will the wizarding world came an appearance soon? Just to see what they’re doing. Hope you update soon
1/8 c24 Shadow Wolf 15846
Lol! Loved it!
1/7 c24 Pogs21
11/21/2020 c23 hanayoria
Please update soon
10/25/2020 c23 Vampire207343
Please update
10/6/2020 c23 Shadow Wolf 15846
nice! will the wizarding world make an appearance?
10/3/2020 c23 mizzrazz72
They are back together, even for a short while.
10/3/2020 c23 Pogs21
Maor maor maor maor maor maor maor maor maor
10/3/2020 c23 ThornMaiden
I love this! It's a great story!
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