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for Guess Who's Coming To Dinner

9/26 c1 6Psychlinite
This was adorable! Nice job!
9/20 c1 13shuuuliet
Okay, first of all, I love the pic you chose for this story on here haha. That Henry face is just perfect.

I know I already commented on AO3, but this story is so well done that I still have more to say!

I love so much how in-character Henry is, but I also really feel like you got Maddie down perfectly-which is remarkable, considering that she's not even actually present for this scene! But the line about Shawn's underlying steadiness, or the part about Maddie in Henry's head encouraging him to get the door, it actually made sense with the Maddie we've met on the show. I would love to see you write more Henry/Maddie, because you really do it perfectly.

Okay, also, the bits about Abigail and why she wasn't right for Shawn were so, so good. I love how you brought up Shawn's obsession with moments-I think that's a really key part of Shawn and how his mind works. He fixates on things, and it gets him into all kinds of trouble. I also love that you brought up that Abigail was really good for Shawn, in a lot of ways. I think that's really true. Without her, Shawn probably wouldn't have been ready to make that leap with Juliet, so that relationship was super important for Shawn's maturity.

Honestly, there are just way too many good things I could say about this story. Thank you so much for writing it, it's just perfect.

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