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3/3 c16 3kryptonianhallows
Can’t wait for the next update!
2/23 c16 5Dumbledore-The-Phoenix
Thank you for the update! The pandemic is exhausting, but I’m glad to hear you found your muse again.
2/22 c16 bookivore
Responding to your comment about things dragging on - as these milestones go by, they each hit hard. We decided against visiting at Thanksgiving, then of course Christmas is at home, but with the new year was the hope that we could return to normal- but even though things are getting better, we had to face that it would still take a long time. At Valentines I had to face that a year ago my husband and I went out to celebrate the day a year ago and we shouldn’t (and didn't) this year. Thanks for new chapter we all can use a bit of entertainment at home.
2/19 c16 23Rori Potter
Poor Harry! Update soon.
2/18 c16 TheSpazzer77
Great chapter, can't wait for the next one.
2/18 c16 510yellow 14
It’s a really good friendship chapter, even with Ron being wrong. (In fairness, he is doing it for the right reasons.) Keep updating
2/18 c16 Mary777777
I really hope you have Snape realize how awful and abusive he is. I hate it when stories just gloss over child abuse because they like Snape.

Good job showing the agony and devastation resulting from Snape's abuse and theft of Harry's heirloom.
2/18 c16 3fantasystar78
Poor Harry. I know Snape is dealing with confused feelings, but I hope he finds a way to open his heart for the boy. Harry desperately needs someone. Snape can see that.
1/28 c15 TheSpazzer77
Amazing chapter, I'm genuinely loving how this story is progressing.
Great job, can't wait for more!
1/27 c15 yunike08
Ouch... if Snape can easily take the map... what does Harry think about losing his invisibility cloak if that's the case. My heart hurts just thinking about it. Still, the school is no good. It has no care for its students. While it's entertaining to watch kids clean up adults' mess, it's disappointing that adults don't learn from it and worse, blame the kids for doing something dangerous when they're the ones who allowed the danger to come in the first place.

The pace is understandably slow but it doesn't change the fact that I want to punch Snape into oblivion! Bwahahaha... sorry, I'm more biased with siding Harry than understanding the other characters xD such a deliciously angsty chapter. I hope Harry gets better soon. And Snape get punished in some way... wishful thinkingThank you and take care always!
1/27 c15 Mystical G Panther
great chapter
1/27 c15 23Rori Potter
Oh wow. Update soon.
1/27 c15 LadyPhoenix68
Sometime safety of school needs to go wayside vs stealing one of the last things someone has of their parents. Snape is still a bastard. He might come around in the long run to caring for Harry but he has a lot to make up.
1/27 c15 510yellow 14
That was an interesting analysis. Keep updating
1/27 c15 Mary777777
Poor Harry! Even after the greasy bat verbally abuses him and steals away one of the only things the orphan has of his father's, he still stuffs all that hurt inside. I really hope things get better for him soon and that Snape is held accountable for his abuse.
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