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for Thus, the Bear of the West Roamed there

5/28 c11 MarauderPrime12
Don’t mess with mama bear
Excellent chapter
5/27 c11 5Crimson Weresloth
Shit, what did they do to get a worrying shot like that.
5/27 c11 RoySuperior
When will Rory learn Eastwood already has a wife and he's not interested? On the other hand I hope Eastwood's wife is gonna be okay.
5/26 c11 60Perseus12
Man, I thought the Royalists have reclaimed their homeland (Great Britain) from the Syndicalists. Hmm, that's a mystery why the Russians aiding the Combine Syndicalists of America and what are their motives for kidnapping the Flamartian people? Oh man, I would imagine if Summer Rose (RWBY) would say those words "I'm the bloody Grimm Reaper" to the gangster that work of Bessara Gang that would be cool and Raven Branwen (RWBY) would respect her team leader. I wonder if there some kingdoms on Falmart would ally themselves to Pacific States of America? I'll wait to read the next chapter.
5/26 c11 wwgaming
"Honey! I'm hooo- OH SHIT, angry Mexican Wife!"
5/26 c11 Amon34
chapter as interesting as ever can't wait to see what happens next
4/2 c7 12summer164
This was super interesting, most fics follow the canon plot closely and are boring. Having the Rose Orders taken into custody is really unique and means that thsi story will be exciting.
3/25 c10 60Perseus12
Good chapter as always. Bloody hell, those terrorists murder innocent civilians which I despise them very much, they're no better from radical extremists. I pray for Eastwood and his companions be safe travel. I wonder if the Band of the Falcons/Hawks (Berserk) or Second Sons (Game of Thrones) or Golden Company (Game of Thrones) would be added in the story? I'll wait to read the next chapter.
3/25 c10 RoySuperior
Tbh, I never played Hearts of Iron, but I can see the war caused untold physical and mental devastation if Eastwood's flashbacks are to go by.
3/25 c10 MarauderPrime12
Excellent chapter
3/25 c10 Eddie199
Will the Japanese and Russians join the party too?
3/25 c10 Dandaman5
Decent chapter, though i'm not a fan of the flashback scenes.
3/11 c9 FoulerGlint60
Been a while since i last said something but you are doing great work you should be proud of your works. Also keep on grinning author you earned many and my praises on this work so keep yourself proud and hardworking you earned to smile no matter what else others have to say.
2/23 c9 Perseus12
Man, Second American Civil War (or War of Frater) is bloody disaster in American history, brother against brother, sister against sister, cousin against cousin, a family fighting each other of different ideologies, its like "War of Kinslaying" reminded me of Game of Thrones and it really saddens me that family was torn apart by conflict.

I'm glad that conflict is over, but the remnants still roaming and continuing their guerilla wars in the shadow like the Nazi resistance force called Werwolf (pronounced German for "werewolf") fighting the Allied-occupied Germany.

Vic and the others arrive on American side and I wonder what happened next? I'll just wait to read the next chapter.
2/23 c9 5Crimson Weresloth
Still waiting for Pina to piss herself from the knowledge of America's most dangerous weapon
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