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for Thus, the Bear of the West Roamed there

2/23 c9 5Crimson Weresloth
Still waiting for Pina to piss herself from the knowledge of America's most dangerous weapon
2/23 c9 MarauderPrime12
Excellent chapter
2/23 c9 Eddie199
Yay another chapter URA
2/22 c9 RoySuperior
Wow, Vic is a girl? Did not see THAT coming.
2/22 c1 Avora111
omg yes more of this these roman knockoffs need to be brudilsed in the most horrifical of wises for there mistake of attaching America and her citizens
1/17 c8 Eddie199
When will Pina learn about the Weltkrieg I’m dying to see her reaction to a war that was true horror and hell?
1/15 c8 MarauderPrime12
Excellent chapter
1/14 c8 Crimson Weresloth
Things are about to go hell in a hen basket. Also, Pina is going to find out about one weapon which honestly should make her piss herself.
1/14 c8 dovah-keen01
Niice another upcoming meat grinding battle
For response to your reply, sure i can leave it at that. Thought beside the need of proof reading (you typoed Ramen as Ramon lmao). I have to say that you might need some help on the medieval lingos. Example is why do you call Panache a "sir" while you can just call her Dame or just simply Lady
1/14 c8 Papon777
I was read your story pretty well! It is fun!
War is just beginning!
Well, about TheDrkKnight012 he decided to upload Gate: World At War on Wattpad (exclusive).

You can find TheDrkKnight012 on wattpad.

Here link: www . wattpad user/TheDrkKnight012

Note: Delete space.
1/14 c8 1wwgaming
Oh no, not mustard gas! Time to piss on cloths and prepare ya gas mask. it's the attack of the dead men!
1/14 c8 Princess Moon Dew
I almost feel sorry for the Wyvern Corp, they're about to attempt a bombing run on an airfield. There's gonna be meat chunks falling from the sky, followed shortly by bunker busters.
1/13 c8 61Perseus12
Pina, Myui, and their companions have traveled beyond the Gate seeing the wonders of land of America. They'll headed to the Assembly and I'll wait.

I wonder if there's a factions within America like America First Union Party or Combined Syndicates of America or other factions that would used to attempt to kidnap Pina and the others?

Dang, the Saderans are really arrogant and stubborn bunch for losing from the Americans. The Second Battle of Italica is about to begin. I'll wait to read the next chapter.
1/13 c8 RoySuperior
A gas attack? Now this is new.

Also, TheDrkKnight12 actually has moved to Wattpad and still has his GATE: Worlds At War there. I'm friends with him.

P.S The Fanfiction Reader App has ran into problems that causes server errors and prevents people form updating or downloading stories. And the creator said he won't be fixing it until Mid-January.
12/27/2020 c1 6XXxxxadisxxxXX
So many easily fixable grammar errors and typos :/
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