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for Metagaming?

6h c2 AnimeA55Kicker
Called it, knew there would be a goblin slayer omake. Nice.
11/27 c4 shob-vce-zloby-zdoxli
Aww, can we please have Jaina join Harry and Luna? And while right now Jaina is a softyto an extent, she isn't so in future. Plus Luna also isn't a fan of all Harry's methods, and he's considering her wishes, isn't it?

Tbh I wanted Harry/Jaina pairing quite a while already, but there isn't much on that front.
11/25 c1 Guest
Solo piénsalo si el dragón tomó forma umana por que no podía hacer lo
11/25 c4 Guest
Ya que Harry piensa crear un nuevo cuerpo porque no esperimenta y le coloca partes de dragón
11/24 c4 Tick
It's implied that Harry uses Dumbledore's shriveled hand whenever Luna isn't around to a bit of spice.
11/24 c4 Naniac
I made an account to ask you a two questions pertaining to this continuity, I've loved reading and rereading the story up to its most updated point and had two questions floating around my head.
Is Dumbledores hand ever going to be used, or was it more of an offhand curiosity and revenge for Harry to take it? Like would it be used as a throwaway weapon of sorts at any point?
And two, would Harry ever consider using skin walking again? It seemed like an interesting idea you had fleshed out, but I do understand it seems rather useless considering his expansive repertoire.
11/24 c4 VoidRequiem
Hi hi love your work, see you next chapter.
11/24 c2 Arezeoz
why would gender ever be an issue in a world with magic?
11/24 c4 Guest
I know Harry has been described as a "powerful Archmage" but at some point I would like to see what Harry feels like to others. Power-wise, that is. Also another Elune perspective would be awesome at some point. I imagine that her reaction at what Harry and Luna achieve would be similar to Tyrande. Not to mention, I doubt she has been this amused watching one of her followers in a long time, if ever.
11/23 c4 link01742
I really want the relationship between Harry, Luna & Jaina Proudmoore to work
11/23 c1 FanonOverCanon
Woohoooo! HP/Warcraft makes for awesome stories. Sadly, most are abandoned. Warcraft has a great scope, but it also means characters can be involved in so much, and there is so much to write about.
11/22 c4 176Firehedgehog
heh heh ehh
11/22 c4 AktheRuiner
Too bad Harry and the girls never played "How to Train Your Dragon" in the bedroom, since Onyxia might still be around if they did. For real though, I'm a bit disappointed that nothing more was done with her, but from a narrative perspective Onyxia's death makes sense so I can't really complain.

I enjoyed the chapter. It seems like things are really moving forward quickly. While I'm enjoying the current pacing, I'm looking forward to Harry having a bit of down time where he can just explore/study Azeroth a bit. One of the aspects that I imagine will have Harry's attention once he learns about them are the Titan installations scattered around. Heck, Uldaman was/is a Titan lore repository If i remember right. Ahn'Qiraj is definitely a good place to start in that regard as it was constructed by the Titans/Titan-Forged. I recommend you check out "Ahn'Qiraj Trailer 2016" on Youtube if you haven't already.

I like how you've portrayed Jaina so far. It seems like she and Harry will get on well so far... I can't help but wonder if it will last. Maybe it will just be hand waved, but Harry and Jaina are quite different where morality is concerned, especially where it comes to experimentation. Take the purging of Stratholm for example. I bet Harry would side with Arthas on the decision purge Stratholm. Arthas made a decision that a king would make; sacrifice the few to save the many. Not to mention that the people were already infected when they arrived anyway. Yet Jaina and Uthur turned their backs on Arthas when he needed their support most of all. Hell, Arthas may have never picked up Frostmourne if they would have stuck by him.

Lastly, while I am also a firm believer in "bringing the right tools for the right job" and can certainly appreciate the level of efficiency Harry manages to achieve when it comes to dispatching his foes, I'm ready to see some big dick spells. I feel like we the readers were teased this chapter where Harry flexing his magic muscles was concerned. I am ready to see Harry make use of how abundant magic is on Azeroth and do something big, and worthy of the title of "Archmage". Also, I'm hoping Skinwalking becomes relevant again with how powerful warrior types can get in this world. I'd imagine it, along with the new bodies, would certainly help Harry compete where melee is concerned.

Thanks for writing!
11/22 c4 Guest
Pls try to make their next universe LOTR.
11/21 c4 hmill901
Neon1311 Japanese armour does not provide comparable protection to plate armour, although it is slightly lightly (not by much). That being said, there is late era Japanese armour that was inspired by European plate armour (particularly of Portuguese and Dutch variety) in order to outfit the wealthiest of its people with armour that could stop early firearms much like the best European plate armour could.

As to people talking about boob armour (and the author), there are ways of getting around it without creating a detrimental flaw. You can not have two distinct cups for example. But the most important factor would be that whether your armour has cups or just an expanded bust, neither of these features are there to accommodate one's breasts.

A woman's breast would be flattened as much as possible with a tight fitting gamberson underneath the armour and chainmail. The expanded bust or cups would serve a purely artistic purpose, which is not outside the realm of possibility since many armours of the past sacrificed integrity for aesthetics.
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