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19h c9 Raz
I can not stress enough how fantastic this story is, how much I love the dynamic between Harry and Luna and pretty much everything about this story in general. The fact that you are so successfully introducing them in their current form in the WoW universe is awesome to me. I've tried reading quite a bit of WoW fanfics and crossovers and none of them really stuck with me. But this story is just sooooo freaking cool! I love your work!
5/5 c5 Guest
Noodlehammer, I've been reading all your stories since the first Naruto fic. But the sexual abuse shit in this chapter put a bad taste in my mouth. Made me lose interest in the fic
5/3 c1 hmill901
rescue 007 You're reading the 3rd book in a series.
5/3 c1 H. Automata
Honestly, I love the warcraft universe, I always enjoy your writing style, what's there not to like? Perhaps most importantly, your Luna is immeasurably adorable and I cherish every scene she's in.
5/2 c9 Guest101
Are you planning for Adrastia Zabini to change her allegiance? I doubt she appreciates being left behind. If Harry can travel to his tower and back, he should find some time to visit her.
4/30 c1 OtherOne
Thanks for the story. Just wanted to say that I appreciate your work and especially the fact that you actually finish your fics!
4/29 c9 Jack the Sparrow
I am filled with despair and anguish at having reached the end of this road!

Real talk though, I enjoyed this immensely and I look forward to the next chapter.
4/28 c1 rescue 007
This story is everywhere, the beginning of chapter one felt like I shoulda been around chapter 12. Wtf is even happening
4/27 c9 daimahou
How did I miss this updating?

Aegwyn... would she realize a part of Atiesh is suddenly close by? ...Would she even want anything to do with it?


when his wars to drag on." Luna - - wars drag on

"Yes…." Saurfgan said awkwardly - - "Yes…"
(no full stop at the end, I think, since the others didn't have them)

happiness?" Arko Asked with a complicated expression - - Arko asked with

I couldn't just show up and tell me 'hey, this - - and tell them 'hey
4/26 c9 JL
I think Harry should have disassembled their bone staffs and used their old bones to craft cores of their new bodys' bones. Their new skeletons could have functioned like foci boosting their magic. (Luna could have moon metal thrown in too)
Also some kind of integrated mesh armor for gut region would be good. Sadly no modded organs and blood(in terms of oxygen carrying capacity) are not mentioned. Come on Harry! No matter how badass Azeroth humans are you can do better!
4/24 c9 Assassinscreed
Please write more soon. Stay safe.
4/23 c9 Guest
Man, the amount of biology and evolution misunderstandings in this story is hilarious.

What's not hilarious is the blatant sexism and encouragement of rape-culture. A third of the story seems like nothing more than an anvil thrown that way.
4/23 c9 Tetradical
4/23 c5 Guest
Decent story, but Harry seems to be a misogynistic, sexist emotionally abuser.

I mean, people keep talking about how bad certain Chinese harem stories are with their sexism. But this? Worse. I also get the feeling that he think that this is some kind of woke, or enlightened, or anti-sexist, which makes it ridiculously worse.
4/21 c9 domakira
Every chapter except the seventh one starts with a name
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