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for Metagaming?

5/25 c21 Kagugu
thank you!
5/23 c21 Guest
Ironically or unironically, depending how you spin it, Harry is probably going to end up seducing Azshara without even trying to. Women like her often lust after that which they want but cannot have. Especially since breaking Harry's resistance to her charms has apparently become a personal matter at this point.
5/23 c21 Tetradical
5/20 c21 blake17mf
Have you ever read Tempura Wizard's Fanfiction 'Not my Harem Anime?' If not then I deeeeeply encourage you to read it. Why? Well i find it interesting that the way Lunarunn utilizes her main power 'Worldweave' is kind of similar to the way your fanfiction version of harry utilizes and uses his magic. By using his understanding of the world to change it. Remember chapter 10 of your fanfiction 'A Discordant Note'? The quote he said to Melisandre: "To be sane is to have a firm grasp on how the world works. To be a wizard is to change how the world works. The better a wizard understands the world, the easier he can change it. True power is to have firm footing on the edge of sanity and stare into the chaos beyond. You call me mad? No, Melisandre, I am the sanest man you have ever met, I just refuse to avert my gaze when things I don't understand return it.". The part where he said 'The better a wizard understands the world, the easier he can change it' is how Lunarunn utilizes her Worldweave,(at least as far as I know Im only still on chapter 21 of 'Not my Harem Anime?'). So I am definitely interested in how a fight would go between them. Do every utilization of Lunarunn's worldweave be reversed by Harry using his superior knowledge of how the world works? Doing it so that Lunarunn will need to resort to her Devil magic powered by her Id? If you ever finishes Metagaming and moves on to a crossover for Highschool DXD it would be extremely interesting if you used 'Not my Harem Anime?' as your base instead of the Light Novel or the Anime Series. Its waaaaaaay more interesting than that.

p.s. a huge fan of your works, even your Naruto fanfics! (U)
5/18 c21 Guest
You’ve implied it’s not going to hapoen in any sort of permanent fashion
But it would still be great if harry managed to get one over on Azshara buy giving her a fuck that she will forever feel the impacts of ( even if only because it resulted in offspring that she would be weak to. By virtue of her vanity considering any both extensions/additionsof her greatness and her greatest créations/ Legacy. Also by virtue of them inheriting strengths and beauty from both .)
And mellowing her out if only in regards to her family. Ironically these could be some sort of Veela like beings
5/18 c2 KMF-G
Okay, Goblin Slayer bits were HILARIOUS...and so Goblin Slayer type action LOL
5/18 c21 R
On one hand, I am somewhat annoyed that Harry git his ass kicked/captured. On the other hand, I recognize that Harry needs to go through some setbacks every now and again. Only way an arrogant shithead like him could learn at this point.

I will be POWERFULLY annoyed if he does not take this as a sign that he needs to work on his combat ability as opposed to simply learning/experimenting with magic. It pisses me off that he keeps getting too comfortable with his power, and getting bent over a barrel whenever someone dangerous comes along. He should fucking KNOW better. I mean, shit, how many stories of arrogant wizards getting taken down did he read, how many did he see for himself?

Looking forward to seeing where he is going.
5/17 c1 Oomph
When a author is perma-banned from QuestionableQuesting forums for being a holocaust denier along with calling holocaust survivors whiners. Not like it was a surprise with how he writes as you simply do not write an asshole character with such political views for so long without having them yourself.

You are technically a good writer but seemingly a real shitty person. Actually amazed all your stories haven't been yeeted out of here yet at which point you will probably head to AO3. Or not since they don't allow link to payments for such self promotions.

It makes sense you have no links to social media as you wouldn't want to out yourself to everyone and have to deal with that kind of backlash for being such a person. You see everyone can have opinions but it doesn't mean your opinion isn't fucking stupid and worthy of being mocked.

Any who read this feel free to check out QQ on his upload of Metagaming to see his expression of self and how this is not a lie in any form. Starts on page 3-5.

That is who you all follow, that is who you all donate to. Makes one wonder what type of person you yourself are no?
5/16 c21 Guest
I always wondered How to fuck spider girls...

Do you fuck it like a spider would?

Or does she have a pussy between the human and spider border?

4:20 am thoughts

Does tsu from MHA lay eggs that her husbands gonna jizz over?

5/16 c21 Guest
See what I took away from this chapter is that Harry needs an aquatic form of some kind. Maybe a skinwalking prospect?
5/15 c20 FrassYourTass
Okay, the problem with taking the MC prisoner in any work of fiction is that it almost NEVER makes any fucking sense to keep them alive. Why did she take him prisoner instead of killing him? And I swear, if the answer is 'he's interesting' than you're fucking braindead. This is the situation right: this guy is the one fucking up her plans so why the fuck doesn't she just kill him to get him out of the way? 'Well he's the main character he can't die here' well then don't put your characters in situations that SHOULD result in they're death, and then have them survive because they've been taken prisoner. Fuck that is so stupid.
5/15 c21 Guest
The story and plot right now is slowly getting "boring".

And having unexplained and dumb reasons to nerf the crap out of Harry when it should be the opposite is kinda eh...

It's like he isn't the main character anymore so the world's protagonist mode is after him to fail.
5/15 c21 serialkeller
Great stuff! Also that omake is brilliant :D
5/15 c21 Dirby
Finally reached the current chapter, started before love and magic was pulled off FFNET lol, took me a bit longer then usual to read through all of them to now, now to begin the waiting game :)
5/14 c21 83Tigger83
enjoying the story. I can see why you got rid of a adrastia as she didn't really have a role in the story at this point.
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