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10/4 c9 Dazzle2002
I gotta say I'm really enjoying the relationship that Tony and Wanda are building. I always felt that Tony could've been really good for her had she had all the information. He truly was trying to help her in Civil War. Like he said, she wasn't an American Citizen and although what happened was an accident, it still happened and yet he was still trying to protect her and keep things from escalating. But yeah, I really like how she's almost starting to kinda look up to him in a way and admire him, and truly believe in him and encourage him. It just makes me think of the possibility of them having a good relationship and her being another of Tony's adopted kids... Haha

With Clint, I love how there's still this part of him that's trying to be all "I hate Tony. He screwed us over." but he just can't help but worry about him at times, and root for him and Pepper to just kiss. I honestly feel like a big part of why he was so angry at Tony was because he was angry at himself for walking out on his family time in order to help Cap without all the information and getting himself in trouble. I really do think a lot of it was just projection and it was just easier to shove the blame on Tony than face the fact that he had let his family down (which is understandable but not healthy or fair...) And I honestly think that the revelation from a while back that Tony had been the one to help his family out during that time and also the one to sort out the House Arrest for him almost made it worse in a way, because it's just this reminder that he let his family down and Tony was there to fix it for him, even after he was a dick to him. It would just make sense to me that his anger at Tony was just redirected from himself as a way of coping. Doesn't excuse the things he's said, in any way. Just would explain them in a way that would make sense to me. Because I don't really see Clint as someone who'd just be cruel for the sake of it like that, it comes from a place of guilt and hurt. (Like after the snap. Although what he was doing was awful, I loved it because I felt it added more to his character as we hadn't really gotten much. And you said a while back that you feel it should've been him to sacrifice himself. I both agree and disagree. It just wouldn't have made sense for Natasha to let him die, knowing he was so close to getting his family back. Even though he said he deserved it more because of what he'd been doing. Plus, I'm looking forward to his series. I can't help it. Haha I'm just interested in seeing more of his character because they truly never explored him enough in the films. He was always a side character. Same with Natasha, until she got her own Film...)

These are just my thoughts though. Just how I interpret things. I know a lot of people probably disagree with this. I just think it would make sense for Clint's anger at Tony to truly be at himself...
10/4 c8 Dazzle2002
For some reason, these mentions of Peter have made me want them to react to some scenes from Far From Home. I know it's unlikely as you seem to have a plan for where it's going. I just feel like certain parts would be so cool for them to watch, like Peter getting EDITH and Happy watching him work on his suit and being reminded of Tony. (Like I said, I know you have a plan for where this is going, so I'm not asking anything of you. Just thought I'd say it because the thought just makes me happy...)
10/4 c7 Dazzle2002
"I'm just glad that if the world can't have me defending it, I'm glad they have you." Oof, Cap. I get what you were going for but that is just such a backhanded compliment. He literally just called Tony the second best option. Basically did exactly what Tony literally just told him Howard used to do, which is put Steve above him. Like, he was clearly going for a compliment, but even then he was basically calling Tony the last resort and it hurts. I don't think he necessarily meant it to come off that way, as I think he'd prefer they were working together. But it definitely came off in a very condescending way. Poor Tony. He's literally constantly the one to save the day, come up with the plan to help them win, usually also being the one to enact said plan. Yet Steve still sees him as second to himself. (Not even that really, as he definitely sees others as better than Tony too. I mean, it's kinda understandable considering Thor's a literal God and all, but he still put himself above Tony which is all kinds of messed up...)

Great line though. It really gives you a look into Cap's mind imo. Because I truly don't think he meant for it to come off as it did. (I might be wrong of course, you are the Author so feel free to correct me if I'm wrong...) And it really doesn't help that he DID get special treatment, like Tony and Bucky said. He was constantly told he was this legend, this icon. Basically everyone viewed him as perfect and didn't see that he had flaws too, and that's gonna effect anyone. I feel like that's the difference between Cap and Tony. While Tony was able to get away with a lot, his flaws were always out in the world, everyone knew he wasn't perfect and they didn't put him on a pedestal. Whereas with Cap, he had his flaws hidden because he was basically a symbol of hope and peace during the War, and that carried on after he went into the ice because of this huge sacrifice he'd made. Very few people saw Cap's flaws as they were hidden from people, whereas Tony almost wore his as a shield. Cap was promoted to Captain just from being Captain America and being experimented on. Yes, he had great qualities beforehand and was willing to sacrifice himself for people, but that doesn't make him fit to be Captain. He didn't undergo the proper training, as said in this chapter. He got special treatment, but wasn't truly made aware of it because no one ever brought it up. I honestly love the contrast between the two characters because while they're so different, at the end of the day they DO both want the same thing, and that is to save people. Plus, there's that resentment from Howard, and that applies to both of them. Tony can't see past constantly being second to Cap with his Dad, and Steve can't see past who Howard was and that he sees Tony as lesser than Howard. Basically, all the issues come down to Howard and Steve both comparing Tony to each other and Tony not being able to live up to these images they both have in their heads. It's pretty sad really... (Of course, a lot more went wrong with their relationship. But it all stems from that...)
10/2 c2 dragoninkt9357
this is a very cool story so far
9/12 c9 sam
thank you
9/8 c8 ElectricDragonSemblanceHunter
Great work, however, Steve is from Brooklyn, Peter is from Queens.
8/30 c8 leahgriffin193
I am so ready to beat the spangled stars off of Steve's ass if he doesn't shut the fuck up.
8/30 c4 leahgriffin193
Steve needs to shut up, bc at this point anything he says sounds hypothetical or he's talking out of his ass and it's irritating af
8/27 c4 wearedeadpool
it's been a while since i last watched Iron Man 2, but I actually never thought about Natasha trying to sleep with Tony to stop the party, should probably watch the movie again.
8/27 c8 wearedeadpool
in the sentence where Natasha is explaining her undressing in the back of the car, it says "someone" instead of "something", when she said what she needed to wear was more fitting.
8/27 c2 wearedeadpool
about Natasha seducing Tony, i never actually noticed that, good catch though.
6/20 c9 6Shian1998
Another great instalment for this series! Enjoyed how, despite his self-destructive behaviour, the other Avengers continued to increase their understanding of Tony. Loved their reactions to the development of Tony and Pepper's relationship. Good that Team Iron Man explained about the situation with the Sokovia Accords to Team Cap, and glad they're starting to reconsider their opinions on it. While Nick Fury and SHIELD are morally ambiguous at times, I feel like they're not meant to be as bad as implied here, and they definitely wouldn't be as bad as the monstrous HYDRA.

So sorry for what happened to your cat. Losing a beloved pet is a very sad experience. Hope you're doing okay now.

Please don't worry about not always being able to update on schedule. Real life can get very busy, and fanfiction is a hobby not an obligation, so other things will need to take priority. Update only when you feel like you can.

I guess the notes in this story answered my last question from my previous review. Looking forward to seeing how it all goes. :)
4/2 c4 Ashley
Hello, I know you wrote his chapter a while ago, but I just jumped on the wagon, and I was wondering if you could tell me why you needed the kidney transplant. I apologize if that is inappropriate, I'm just curious as my dad and all his siblings had polycystic kidneys and needed transplants, and I most likely carry the gene as well and will need a kidney transplant when I'm older.
3/8 c9 5Eberhardt
Hrm. Honestly, I feel like Natasha's report is slightly misconstrued. As Tony Says he *is* Iron Man. The comment of 'Iron Man, Yes' and 'Tony Stark, No' I feel is more like her differentiating between Tony's persona's. Basically, her way of saying Tony has potential, but isn't there yet. Or at least, wasn't while dying..

Hell, it's never said when the report was written. I could see that being her report *before* Fury had stepped in.

Which is probably why Fury went with 'Consultant.' That was still the 'Official' report and Tony needed more time to cook and mature.

That said, that'd probably take knowing Natasha's personality and Tony as well. So basing your first impression off it probably would lead to things being misconstrued as so often happens with text.
3/8 c6 Eberhardt
To be honest, in this instance, Fury was sort of being more... 'Tough Love' as is his style. He may not have given Tony a supply outright, but he probably would have given him more if he needed it. At the same time, Fury probably has a good read on Tony.

Namely, that Tony works best under a shitton of pressure. I legit believe Fury was trying to help Tony there, not control him. He'd been spiralling for months, and if Tony had time, knew he had time, he wouldn't be as pressured to not just complete his work but also grow as a person. Similar to how he did in Afghanistan. While you might think they had a misread on Tony on some level, I don't think Fury is that imperceptible.

I think he knew exactly what Tony was like. As you've said multiple times, Tony is incredibly prideful and doesn't accept help. If SHIELD had given him the research for the Arc Reactor beforehand, Tony probably never would have glanced at it because he hates his father. Even if he had, he wouldn't have looked deeper. Natasha would have known at least that much, and it's clear Fury had been keeping an eye on Tony for a long while.

While there might've been some manipulation, Fury always strikes me as the type to be as much of a straight shooter as he can be in a given situation.

Interestingly, Anton Vanko was working with SI BEFORE his defection, as shown in Peggy Carter. He helped Peggy and Jarvis figure out who could have weaponized a SI Formula for Nitramene. (Chemical Bomb that causes Implosions) Nitramene also later showed up in Agents of SHIELD. Jarvis being the Howard's Butler, and the one that mostly cared for Tony when he was a boy, and being the basis for JARVIS.

Speaking of which, it's fairly clear Coulson was joking there. Or at least exaggerating. Seems a weird thing to nitpick about, especially when Tony himself makes plenty of such wisecracks.
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