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for Understanding the Real Hero: Iron Man 2

4/19 c9 5TheJediCat
The ongoing joke about bad language is killing me!
4/19 c9 TheJediCat
Everyone at this point is so desperate to see “Civil War”. I wouldn’t be able to cope! I’d be dying to know what happened!
4/19 c8 TheJediCat
I love how involved everyone gets with the film
4/19 c8 TheJediCat
Everyone hating on Hammer! It’s so funny!
4/18 c7 TheJediCat
The voice is back!
4/18 c7 TheJediCat
EVERYONE misses JARVIS, Tony *sniffles slightly*
4/18 c6 TheJediCat
Tony’s banter with Rhodey is amazing and gosh I love those two so much
4/18 c6 TheJediCat
Steve is seriously surprised Bucky doesn’t want to be an Avenger?
4/18 c5 TheJediCat
The fact that Tony knows it’s safe to drink means he has before
4/18 c5 TheJediCat
Steve: Is everyone regretting their decision to join me?!


4/18 c4 TheJediCat
*sniffles at reference to “Endgame”*
4/18 c4 TheJediCat
Steve being like, “we never agreed with that law” and I’m just sat here thinking, “yeah, but it’s still a law brought in by the government that people have to follow!” He can be so stubborn!
4/18 c3 TheJediCat
Bucky putting Steve in his place! AMAZING
4/18 c3 TheJediCat
Rhodey knows Tony too well and I love it
4/18 c2 TheJediCat
Wanda finally came clean… damn…
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