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for Understanding the Real Hero: Iron Man 2

6/20/2021 c9 6Shian1998
Another great instalment for this series! Enjoyed how, despite his self-destructive behaviour, the other Avengers continued to increase their understanding of Tony. Loved their reactions to the development of Tony and Pepper's relationship. Good that Team Iron Man explained about the situation with the Sokovia Accords to Team Cap, and glad they're starting to reconsider their opinions on it. While Nick Fury and SHIELD are morally ambiguous at times, I feel like they're not meant to be as bad as implied here, and they definitely wouldn't be as bad as the monstrous HYDRA.

So sorry for what happened to your cat. Losing a beloved pet is a very sad experience. Hope you're doing okay now.

Please don't worry about not always being able to update on schedule. Real life can get very busy, and fanfiction is a hobby not an obligation, so other things will need to take priority. Update only when you feel like you can.

I guess the notes in this story answered my last question from my previous review. Looking forward to seeing how it all goes. :)
4/2/2021 c4 Ashley
Hello, I know you wrote his chapter a while ago, but I just jumped on the wagon, and I was wondering if you could tell me why you needed the kidney transplant. I apologize if that is inappropriate, I'm just curious as my dad and all his siblings had polycystic kidneys and needed transplants, and I most likely carry the gene as well and will need a kidney transplant when I'm older.
3/8/2021 c9 5Eberhardt
Hrm. Honestly, I feel like Natasha's report is slightly misconstrued. As Tony Says he *is* Iron Man. The comment of 'Iron Man, Yes' and 'Tony Stark, No' I feel is more like her differentiating between Tony's persona's. Basically, her way of saying Tony has potential, but isn't there yet. Or at least, wasn't while dying..

Hell, it's never said when the report was written. I could see that being her report *before* Fury had stepped in.

Which is probably why Fury went with 'Consultant.' That was still the 'Official' report and Tony needed more time to cook and mature.

That said, that'd probably take knowing Natasha's personality and Tony as well. So basing your first impression off it probably would lead to things being misconstrued as so often happens with text.
3/8/2021 c6 Eberhardt
To be honest, in this instance, Fury was sort of being more... 'Tough Love' as is his style. He may not have given Tony a supply outright, but he probably would have given him more if he needed it. At the same time, Fury probably has a good read on Tony.

Namely, that Tony works best under a shitton of pressure. I legit believe Fury was trying to help Tony there, not control him. He'd been spiralling for months, and if Tony had time, knew he had time, he wouldn't be as pressured to not just complete his work but also grow as a person. Similar to how he did in Afghanistan. While you might think they had a misread on Tony on some level, I don't think Fury is that imperceptible.

I think he knew exactly what Tony was like. As you've said multiple times, Tony is incredibly prideful and doesn't accept help. If SHIELD had given him the research for the Arc Reactor beforehand, Tony probably never would have glanced at it because he hates his father. Even if he had, he wouldn't have looked deeper. Natasha would have known at least that much, and it's clear Fury had been keeping an eye on Tony for a long while.

While there might've been some manipulation, Fury always strikes me as the type to be as much of a straight shooter as he can be in a given situation.

Interestingly, Anton Vanko was working with SI BEFORE his defection, as shown in Peggy Carter. He helped Peggy and Jarvis figure out who could have weaponized a SI Formula for Nitramene. (Chemical Bomb that causes Implosions) Nitramene also later showed up in Agents of SHIELD. Jarvis being the Howard's Butler, and the one that mostly cared for Tony when he was a boy, and being the basis for JARVIS.

Speaking of which, it's fairly clear Coulson was joking there. Or at least exaggerating. Seems a weird thing to nitpick about, especially when Tony himself makes plenty of such wisecracks.
2/28/2021 c7 Edit better
Why is the ultron incident mentioned again here like no one knows what they are talking about when all of it was already hashed out in a previous chapter that wanda had mindwammied Tony and Bruce?
2/3/2021 c9 mackenzie
uggggg i can't wait for the civil war one. these are so good!
1/30/2021 c8 13Honest Beauty
It is unofficially confirmed by the mcu that the boy in the mask is peter parker. For legal reasons that cannot confirm it (Disney had a deal with sony where the sony owned character of spiderman/Peter parker could appear in x number of mcu movies and Disney didnt want to waste a whole movie on a 10 sec cameo). Also peter is from Queens, not Brooklyn (that would be steve).
Really enjoying this new series, and I love how you are including the mentor/mentee aspect in it (and I'm hoping for irondad and spiderson in the later movies )
1/27/2021 c9 1clumsymythicalowl
I love both of the books in this series so far. Each character seems to have their own opinions on certain events and it is really enjoyable to see the change in certain characters' opinions or ideas about certain situations or people. Brilliant writing for both stories.
1/26/2021 c9 Guest
I really hope you update soon. I've read toons of fanfics like this one but this is honestly the best one yet. Keep up the good work! ️
1/17/2021 c9 20SlythLou
I totally understand your point about the absence of Peter! And really loved this part with IM2
You really are good at this! Thanks for sharing it with us
1/17/2021 c7 SlythLou
Rhys was a really great chapter!
I really enjoy reading your fanfiction and I hope you do enjoy as much while writing it!
I'm starting to feel that the voice is someone very close to Tony... Maybe Morgan'?
1/14/2021 c4 SlythLou
Before talking about you chapter, I wanted to say that I fully support you. I completely understand your IRL position, your work and about this series. Please take care of you and enjoy your writing
And about this chapter I totally love it! Even though it is really sad to watch the poisoning of Tony.. Snif snif
1/13/2021 c3 SlythLou
Hi! I hope you're feeling better now, but take care anyway
I love your Bucky haha, maybe thanks to him Steve will see his errors and not just the others'.
I'm so into your idea of respect between Christine and Tony! Never thought about it, but it's a good one.
1/12/2021 c8 Guest
Steve tried to talk to Tony at the airport, but he didn’t listen. Rhodey’s paralysis is more Tony’s fault. If Vision hit Sam, it would have killed him without a more protective suit
1/11/2021 c6 Guest
Steve gave his team a choice whether to help him or not. Tony blackmailed a 15 year old kid. I’m not saying Steve was 100% right, but team iron man was so much worse.
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