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for Understanding the Real Hero: Iron Man 2

11/30/2020 c9 Absol89
I am loving what you are doing in this series. it is interesting to see a pro accords fic. Might just be me, but I find a lot are much more in line with Captain America views. You are a little harsher on Captain America maybe but not too much that is a problem. Overall I am looking forward to the Avengers one and I hope you enjoy your break.
11/30/2020 c1 sysadmin666
I love this series! Can't wait for the next story!
11/30/2020 c9 StarwindX
The Tony/Wanda friendship is the best bit about this fic imo. I hope it continues!
11/30/2020 c9 Guest
Happy Holidays
11/30/2020 c9 ViktoriaLeStrange
i absolutly love your storys and i will definitly wait for the next round
11/30/2020 c9 40swanglade37
Awesome! This was great! Hope your break is fruitful!
11/30/2020 c9 15Imagine Coldplay
Great story! Take your time to recharge and do what you got to do, we'll be waiting here for you.
11/30/2020 c8 36AlphaGodzilla19
Peter's from Queens.
11/30/2020 c9 1Amethyst-Pheonix2003
Cool so far! Will Fury be in the next story?
11/29/2020 c8 Guest
Where is next chapter?
11/28/2020 c8 quicksilver123
Omg love it so much, can’t wait for more, thanks x
11/24/2020 c8 JLynOiche
I am thourougly loving this series and I am living in complete terror that you wont continue it. Please, please keep going. You are a goddess.
11/24/2020 c8 PepperonyFan1982
Great job! I look forward to reading the next chapter... please tell me you're planning on pepper being present when they watch Endgame? She has to know...
11/24/2020 c8 1The.Last.Prophet.123
good job!
11/23/2020 c8 7Mysteryfan17
Hahaha, who will do the math and arrive at '18' for the age during the battle or will they not bother figuring out that, oh yeah, the kid is really a KID. I was thrilled when my headcanon that that reckless, fearless, Ironman imitator became Spider-Man cause yeah, he admitted he wanted to be like Tony in the movie so it worked.

Honestly, I've half thought that it is Peter behind this, the 'Bruce gave me the way to make him un-Hulk' and the more recent 'NO, you are important'. Sorta thought Peter got Toy's time travel (can't wait for him to see what made him go, yeah I'll do it). Also, it occurred to me, with the mention of watching Spider-Man, gotta wonder if Tony will point out that, maybe after that fight with Steve, the hug might have hurt him a bit as well but he thought pointing out he was getting the door would make Peter feel less bad then a 'Kid, that hurts, let go'. We know he's not tactile but he stayed put until Peter released him, maybe another of those 'thoughts in my head that I couldn't convey correctly to others' cause Clint, being a dad, most likely will pounce on that moment.
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