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for The One That Got Away

9/24 c1 secondBeth007
Of course it points to Angelica and always has. They're so meant to be. I want a followup when Jack returns or something. They must end up together?
9/21 c1 Guest
"Points to north now... but mark my words, love. Always pointed to you anyhow."
This is the sweetest thing ive ever heard Jack Say, But honestly something I’d see jack say. This was such a sweet thing, him being there for her
9/21 c1 2GrapeCherie
This is a favorite. My first thought was that what if he's Jack? And he was ! But I was fooled a couple of times and got second thoughts. Insanely loving one shot, quite sad and beautiful at the same time. Beautifully written.
9/21 c1 Gryffindor fairy
I almost cried throughout the chapter.
I had a slight suspicion that it might be him but it was only in the end that I made it out.
It was just lovely!
9/20 c1 Anne
So sweet. It was him all along, I didn’t catch it until the end. She really should’ve stayed kissing that servant. Jack can be such a sweetheart. Always to her. I loved this.
9/20 c1 152Buckhunter The Race Horse
Like all of your stories, this one is well done. Didn't even need to have Jack in it physically to be amazing, but just a small note.

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