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6/25 c5 Atom king
Owner: Jasmine
Mutation: hydro her body turns in living water
Class: medium
Rank: unique
Powers: she is a water elemental that means she control and become water the more she is exposed to water the more powerful she becomes.
exchange points: 200,000
choice: injection
6/24 c5 Naresh Vm Simna
Can you please update your Beast Wars Season 3 story?
6/14 c5 zakdragon3
Mutant beast files:
Wendigo ape
Type:humanoid beast
Rank: b
Powers: this humanoid creature can we shoot energy blasts out cannon chest and can stretch his army bot here attacks are koko crusher and cable crusher
Information: once a normal man but now has combined with a brown ape with a rabbit with few virus and machine this creature seeks to find his best friend
This creature is based off wendigomon from digimon
6/14 c5 Aztec 13
Owner: Dawn
Mutation: mother earth, her skin would turn in a light shade of green the hair would turn to leaves with deer like antlers coming out of her head
Class: high
Rank: rare
Powers: with this combine with her always existing one of Aura reading she would be truly connected to the earth able to talk to both plants and animals of all kind and able to command the earth as well .
exchange points: 20,000,000
choice: injection
6/13 c5 Atom king
Mutant Beast Files

Name: gila leo

Type: mammal

Size: medium

Description: hybrid of gila monster and a lion

Information: the gila leo has the body type of a lion with the skin of the gila monster lizard with its pattern as well since normal gila monsters lizard are slow moving but thanks to the lion DNA it can move and run much faster to catch it's pray, it can lay eggs too so it it's very productive of it's nest. They can us their claws to dig, and they have a great sense of smell they can pick out the scent of their prey by flicking out their forked tongues.

Attacks: now the gila leo can use camouflage to hunts it's prey and attack them unexpectedly for a surprise attack, powerful jaw strength the rip a person arm off plus with it's venom inside it's mouth it will the end of it's prey with only it's bite.
6/12 c5 thunderdragon453
when is the next chapter coming out
6/12 c5 Atom king
It's great to see you again I honestly thought you discontinued the story, this chapter was worth the long wait with the new contestants appearing and the new mutations are awesome I like Dwyane the most, can't wait to see what happens next plus I noticed how close DJ and Dawn I wondering if the two will become a couple in the later chapters.
6/12 c5 1TheMoonIsCheese
Awesome... the wait is long... but it's worth it... for chapter 5 of this masterpiece
6/11 c5 Aztec 13
this chapter was worth the long wait with the all action that happened I can barely hold myself together with all the excitement I was feeling, with DJ, Dakota, Dwyane, mike and Sam mutant powers are awesome my personal favorite is Sam. I can't wait to see what you have planned for in the next chapter in the desert especially with Courtney mutating herself in into some kind of feline base mutant I wonder will she become feral during her time in the desert and who else is there too?
I can't wait for the next chapter please continue
5/25 c4 TheMoonIsCheese
4/28 c1 Guest
Owner: Courtney
Mutation: Dry Ice Body
Class: Medium
Rank: Unique
Powers: Ability to ShapeShift Limbs into Weapons, Ability to Transform into a cloud of CO2
Transfer Points: 900,000
Choice: Inject
4/15 c4 3mtsims
I love this series so far. Please make more chapters for this. Please!? Thank you and in chapter 4,you should put Corturney.
3/7 c4 thunderdragon453
when is the next chapter coming out
2/13 c4 Gary Vasquez
when is the next chapter coming out
2/12 c4 Guest
Mutant Beast Files

Name: magma dragon

Type: , Dragon

Size: Large

Description: body is made out of lava , base on the digimon Lavorvomon

Information: can fly short distance but it mainly moves about by crawling on the ground, has a docile personally, a flammable mineral dust it spouts may cause an explosion it and it is protective of its hatchings. The hatchings are base on the digimon Vorvomon

Attacks: can shoot out a massive fire ball from it's mouth and can stomp the ground to create small earthquakes
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