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12/2 c19 RyuuyaOoguro
now they know. I hope thats part of his plan.
11/28 c20 darklingdark13
So our mc has already started to simping. You made hydra to feed his dna to your little excuse of bellatrix. Really author is it this much hard to make him strong and stand alone by hoarding power instead of giving him a kid to baby-sit. How gay you are..
11/19 c8 Foxfire1215
Honestly, don’t really like this book too much. It’s okay if you are looking for a power fantasty, but even as that it seems fairly average so far. The main character is also uninteresting to me. Not because he is an uninteresting person, but because of his circumstances and beliefs he is unlikely to encounter a situation that doesn’t just confirm his pre-existing beliefs.

To me, an interesting story will always include character growth. This guy seems to have a mindset that is counterintuitive to growth. The reason his mindset is counterintuitive to character growth is for two reasons; the nature of character growth and his flawed mindset and belief system. Character growth happens in times of uncertainty, and because of his foreknowledge he is arrogant enough to believe that he knows what to do. This is flawed thinking because one.) He is in a crossover
two.) The greatest masters are always the eternal students. He belives that he knows what is best just because he knows “the future” therefore he doesn’t question his actions or contemplate other courses he could have taken, because he believes absolutely that he is always taking the best course of action.

His mindset is flawed because he believes that power is the be all end all answer. Not everything in life is about power, and there are always consequences for those that think it is. Anyway, because of what he exposes himself to his beliefs propogate his mindset, and his mindset propogates his beliefs. For example, if he could connect himself to even one thing with genuine sincerity and appreciation then the way he perceives reality will change. That will not change without an EXTREME, and deliberate reality adjustment though. It will not happen, because he values survival above all else. There is no price he would not pay to keep his life. He does not comprehend that he is just a small cog in the machine called life and will not be satisfied with being a small cog. Therefore he will gather power and believe that he has become more important when really the only thing he has accomplished is being incompatible with the machine. In all of his selfish grandeur he will continue to latch onto society and become a parasite. He is unlikely to change, because he is unlikely to place himself in a situation that will challenge his beliefs. He views magic as the method in which his power will be expressed. Nothing but a tool. People are unlikely to be valued, because his transmigration makes it so he cannot/will not connect to his peers. He is unable to connect to adults due to societal expectations and his own sense of caution.

The main character seems like the type of person to die old, alone, and cold. Of course he is Voldemorts son so he will achieve immortality in some way shape or form, so he will instead live alone, and empty of any meaningful attatchment for all of eternity. He will either realise how pitiful his existence is and despair or continue on living until he unconsciously seeks the extremes of life to experience any kind of feeling; whether it be indulging in depravity, death defying stunts, or anything in between.

Possible endings I’ve talked about aren’t the only ending possible for this character but it seems the most realistic. The point I have been trying to make is that the character thinks himself clever, and he to an extent, but he doesn’t seem concerned of the long term consequences his actions have beyond obvious ones. I am uninterested in people who are self-sabotaging and to blind to see it. His goal is survival, but what is the point when their is no warmth. No home cooked meals. No intimate embraces platonic or otherwise. No sweet nothings whispered in your ear. Nor the comfort of a hand in yours. Nothing that makes the pain of life worth it beyond knowing that you won’t like what’s on the other side.
11/19 c7 Foxfire1215
Ooohhhh sht what’s the kids birthday I forget!
11/19 c3 Foxfire1215
Just saying. That is not how genetics work. Just because one parent has brown eyes and the other had red does not equal a reddish brown color. Generally it is one color or the other with a bunch of tiny details mixed together.
11/17 c20 Ricee
they went into really good detail about the trace but I have a question, if he used someone else's wand would the trace activate? cause they said he would have to do a ritual to undo it
11/17 c30 3Zandaino-Nova-Ari
Huh, wasn’t expecting this but kinda should have seen it
11/16 c30 Hyuga Tobirama
Hope you come back to this story. And i agree the MCU has been very disappointing thenlast few years
11/15 c30 Absolute Evil-Rozen
11/15 c30 4Ikousetsu
Sad to see but all things have to come to an end at some point.

I will check out your story on Royal road due to your stories you have provided me the past year and give it a shot.


Best of luck in life and if you ever find out a way to increase the amount of hours you can have in a day or go back in time. Let me know so i can benefit. As always a loyal reader. :D
11/14 c30 Sonata1992
The MCU got way too big to be a consistent universe. The comics are the same but readers forgive that especially when they have reboots as excuses to why the universe isn’t consistent.

But for moviegoers that’s not good enough when the writers can’t create a narrative that is consistent & doesn’t contradict itself. Ever since Endgame Marvel has introduced several movies or shows featuring time travel & multiverse but each feature has slightly different rules & methods of time travel that contradicts the other.

Does traveling to a parallel timeline destabilize it to the point of an Incursion? Then how come Steve Rogers traveling back to parallel 1940s not destroy that universe? Viewers are too distracted by such inconsistencies to the point they just give up & leave.
11/14 c30 5DeadKing24712
Thanks for telling us bruv~ and I'm more than happy tbh
Its already a blessin ur continuing my fav story from you, which is Evolution of Grimm~
11/14 c18 Dzerx
Zero is an obscurial?
11/14 c30 1NarutoUchiha242567
Dont worry about abandoning the stories part of the fun of reading it is knowing the fun the weiter had with it cant wait for the next chap of grimms evolution and cant wait to check out ya book. Goid luck on your other endeavors
11/14 c30 PSYCongroo
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